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healthy lap of the week – drinking on the run

Healthy/Fitness Lap of the Week – Drinking on the Run!

With spring in full swing, and the weather getting nicer and warmer each day (knock on wood!), it is important to make sure that you are well hydrated for your workouts.


Water constitutes about 60% of our body weight and basically sustains life.  Each and every cell in our body needs water to function well, and to provide energy.  The list below contains just a few of the phenomenal things water does for us:

  • Carries nutrients and waste products through the body
  • Acts as a solvent for minerals (i.e., sodium and potassium)
  • Acts as a lubricant and cushion
  • Maintains blood volume
  • Helps the body regulate temperature

The last fact, ‘helps the body regulate temperature’, is extremely important, especially in the warmer weather (and even in a heated gym in the winter).  Your body can overheat more easily because the temperature outside is so much warmer.  You will feel yourself getting thirstier and start sweating more quickly and easily than in the winter months.

Your body produces sweat to help regulate your body’s temperature, but without providing your body with proper hydration, it will cause you to become dehydrated thus increasing your body temp.   Dehydration can cause many things, but some common symptoms include fatigue, weakness and dizziness.  In some servere cases, it can be fatal.


To prevent hydration, you should drink water every single day!  If you feel thirsty, then your body is trying to tell you that you are on your way to being dehydrated.  Aim to drink before the onset of thirst.  You do not only have to drink water, orange juice and other juices will help as well.  My favorite is coconut water!

During your workouts, try to drink something as well, whether is be water or a sports drink.  Too many liquids will weigh you down, but a few sips here and there will help to replenish what your body is loosing and provide an increase in energy.  Most likely, you will only need to replace your electrolytes if you workout for over 60 minutes, or it is a very hot day.  And, after your workout, make sure to replenish what you have lost.

Water is an integral part of our bodies, so give your body what it needs!


healthy & fitness lap of the week – water & move

I have decided to give you all both a healthy and fitness tip of the week here on my blog each Monday morning, so I hope you enjoy them and find them useful!

Healthy Lap of the Week – Drink more WATER!!

I know that this is a simple and somewhat boring healthy tip of the week, but it really is an important one!  Our bodies are made up of mostly water, therefore, we need it to survive.  But, it is amazing to me how many people do not drink water!  Water not only hydrates you, but it flushes any bad toxins out of your body.  I drink water all throughout the day, but I especially try to drink water with my meals.  This way, I know that I am at least drinking it a few times a day, and it fills you up a little more so that there is less chance of overeating!

Fitness Lap of the Week – Get on the Move!

I am not saying that you need to workout at the gym every single day, but you should try to move!  Whether it is cleaning your house, walking (instead of driving) to the store, walking up that flight of stairs at the office instead of taking the elevator/escalator, walking your dog, etc.  Anything that you can do to get your body moving and your heart rate up a little bit each day will not only help you burn calories, but it will help you combat your stress as well!  I know that I definitely feel better when I have moved a little bit each day!