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stuffed peppers, butterfingers & travelling tips

Over the weekend, my husband made me a delicious dinner!  He has been doing a lot of the cooking lately, so it’s about time I give him some credit. 🙂

Stuffed peppers with a side of asparagus…yum!

The peppers were stuffed with a mix of brown rice, spinach and spices and topped with cheese.  Baked in the oven at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes, the peppers came out perfect.  The cheese was bubbling and the peppers were soft.

The asparagus was sprinkled with olive oil, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese and cooked at 400 for 15 minutes.

So delicious and filling that I could barely finish both halfs.

Another delicious treat over the weekend was a Butterfinger Smoothie ala The Fitnessista!

She wasn’t kidding when she said that it really tastes like Butterfingers…it really does!  I skipped the mesquite and added chocolate almond butter as my nut butter of choice, but I bet that you could make it with any type of nut butter.  I also added 1 cup of greek yogurt for more protein.

I first tried the smoothie on Saturday…then made it again on Sunday, Monday and Today!  Delicious!

We are headed to Florida for Thanksgiving, so I am made sure to pack my magic bullet in my suitcase for smoothies while away.


You might think I’m crazy for packing a blender in my suitcase, but it makes eating healthy on vacation even easier!  A smoothie is a perfect meal or snack…and is extremely quick and healthy if you have the right ingredients.

I am bringing my magic bullet cup, which twists right into the blender fo easy belnding.  Then, flip it over and enjoy!  No need to find another glass in a hotel room. 🙂


Along with the bullet, I also packed some goodies in my suitcase:

  • nut butter packets
  • protein powder packets
  • chocolate milk
  • and I will pick up bananas once we get there
  • ice from the ice machine

Perfect ingredients for a smoothie on the go. 🙂

See you from Florida!

allandale farm csa, week 15

Only 2 more weeks to go in our CSA!  And, all of the fall produce is coming in full force!  YUM.






Salad Mix


Sugar Pumpkin!!

I’m turning this into pumpkin bread, I think…or maybe a pumpkin risotto?!  You’ll have to wait and see!

allandale farm csa, week 14

Only 3 more weeks to go in our 2010 CSA.  I will definitely be sad for it to come to an end, but am excited to search for more local, organic produce throughout the winter months.

I love fall veggies, like squashes and potatoes.  Definitely comfort food at it’s best. 🙂

Acorn Squash


Bok Choy




Summer Squash







allandale farm csa, week 13

Technically it is week 16 or 17, but we have missed a few weeks do to being away and just being busy.  So, this was our week 13. 🙂

I am still loving our CSA, but I don’t love how it takes me some extra time to pick it up from the farm.  Something closer would definitely be better.  Oh well, fresh, local veggies are worth it to me.

And, fresh these were.  The green beans were unbelievable!  By far the best we have had.  YUM!

Green Beans





Gala Apples – my favorite!!!

It was mini vegetable week – the next veggies are all miniature, but it is hard to tell in the photos!




Summer Squash

I can’t wait for more butternut squash and potatoes in the upcoming fall weeks!

simple sesame green beans

This weeks weather has been crazy!  It most definitely felt like fall at the beginining of the week, but now it is 81 degrees out!  Come on, Mother Nature, I’m ready for fall weather. 🙂

However, since it felt like summer this morning, I whipped up a cold smoothie for breakfast.

My favorite Chocolate Cherry Bomb!  With cacao nibs on top.

Lunch was AB&J on Flax Quinoa Bread from Whole Foods.  Definitely some of the best bread ever!  But, I forgot to snap a photo.  Snacks yesterday included fruit and trail mix.

For dinner, we made a special weeknight meal.  It barely took anytime at all to cook, but it felt more special due to the ingredients.

Shrimp, Green Beans and Quinoa

I started out by getting the quinoa ready, so that it would cook while we were cooking the other things.

I used a recipe from Clean Food cookbook for Quinoa with Currants, but I subbed currants for dried cranberries.  Everything else was the same, except that I just threw it all in my rice cooker to cook at once!

Into the rice cooker went the quinoa, cranberries and spices.

I added the water and set the cooker to quick cook.  I have found that the quick setting works perfect for quinoa!

Next up, simple sesame green beans.

Cut off the ends of each side.

Then, throw them in a colander to wash thouroughly.

While you are cutting and washing, boil water in a shallow pan.  Once boiling, dump in the beans and blanch for 1 minute just to take the bite off.

Place back in the colander and rinse with cold water to stop the cooking.

Careful dry the pan and add a few tablespoons of olive oil over medium heat.  Add the dry green beans and saute for 5-7 minutes until they look a little browned.

Add a little salt, pepper and a good pinch of sesame seeds.  Cook for 1-2 more minutes to toast the seeds.  Then, serve warm!

This is our favorite way to eat green beans.  They beans stay crisp, but are warm and delicious!

We added the shrimp to another skillet at the same time as the green beans.  Saute the shrimp over medium heat for 6-8 minutes until they turn white.  Add seasoning of choice (we used a fish seasoning from William Sonoma).

I served the quinoa with a little feta on top.

This was a delicious meal!  Very quick (preptime and cooking took about 30 minutes) for a weeknight meal.  Plenty of greens, protein and omega-3’s from the shrimp!

Served with a slice of Flax Quinoa Bread and butter.


farm to fork – dundee, or

Farm to Fork has been our favorite dinner while on vacation, so it definitely deserved it’s own post!

Situated in the lobby of the Inn at Red Hills, you would almost never know this gem was here!  Dundee, OR does not have too many restaurants, but the ones that they do have are apparently all very good.

They pride themselves on serving only local and seasonal ingredients.  The menu changes daily in order to accommodate those needs.  Every ingredient that they use comes from very close by.  Some, like the hazelnuts, come from a farm less than .5 miles away!

The decor of the restaurant is very fun.  They have a bar in the back with lower tables surrounding a fire place.  In the main dining area, all of the tables are antiques and are slightly different.  In the front of the restaurant they sell many of the local products that they use, as well as, local jams, dried fruits, nuts, etc.  I love the vibe!

I started our with the seasonal salad.  Simington Farms Mixed Lettuces with House Vinaigrette, Toasted Hazelnuts, Herbed Chevre Crouton.

Brant started with the special salad of the day – Tomato Salad with Homemade Mozzarella.

For my entree, I decided on the pasta when I found out it was homemade pasta!  Tagliatelle with tomatoes, corn, basil and parmigiana cheese.

For dessert, we split the Chocolate Pudding with peanut brittle and the Blueberry-Orange Sorbet with biscotti.

Our dinner was phenomenal!  The food was simple and as fresh as you could get.  Why can’t we have places like this in Boston?!

pike place market – seattle, wa

I have been MIA for the past few days because we have been exploring in Seattle, Wa!!

We made the trip out west on Saturday and have been loving every minute so far.  After checking in to our hotel, the first spot we hit was Pike Place Market!

Pike Place is a farmer’s market that is open ever day to the public.  The market was opened in 1907, after citizens were fed up with the prices of produce.  The public market was a way to let local farmer’s sell their produce to the public at normal prices.  Now, it is filled with over 200 businesses that sell everything from produce to fish to flowers to pasta to chocolate to honey to lavender.  It is filled with lots of great stuff!

We spent the morning walking around and picking up some goodies to take home.

Highlights of the Market

Gorgeous bunches of flowers for only $5 and $10!!

Lots of produce and goodies

Local jam

Local dried cherries

Homemade pasta!

Dried fruit & nuts

We also came across the famous Pike Place Pig.

And, the first Starbucks, which was packed!!

I absolutely loved Pike Place Market and we’ve been taking morning walks through there with our coffee everyday.  I love vacation!

This doesn’t even begin to cover our whole first day here in Seattle, but it’s time for more exploring!  I’ll be back with many more recaps. 🙂