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elysian, poppy & hotel andra – seattle, wa

Sunday was definitely our busiest day of vacation!  We packed so many things in.

In the afternoon, we headed over to the Capital Hill district for happy hour and dinner.  We hit up the Elysian Brewpub on the Pike/Pine Corridor for Brant to try some Seattle brews.  He was in heaven!

Brewpubs are huge here in Seattle (and in Portland, OR).  Multiple smaller breweries have restaurants/bars where you can try their beers and order food.  Its great!

There were a lot of beers to try.

After happy hour, we headed further into the Capital Hill area to meet some friends for dinner at Poppy!  I heard about this restaurant from another friend and knew that I had to try it when we were in Seattle.  It’s quite the place!

Poppy has a very cool way of serving their meals.  They serve a daily Thali, which means “plate” in Hindi.  A thali is a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray. (Source)

They offer a variety of thali’s each day, including one with seafood, one with meat, and one vegetarian.  The main dish is a bit larger which is served with about 7 smaller complimentary dishes.

Sample menu from the website:

Personally, I love this idea of the small plates!  It is kind of like tapas, except that they chose the complimentary items for you.  I tried a vegetarian version of the thali with some delicious items.

Clockwise from the top:

Chard handkerchief pasta with walla wallas, sage and hazelnut; Melon-anise hyssop pickle; Radish, grilled spring onion and purslane salad; Broccoli rabe with spices; Corn soup with lemon basil; Roasted beets and huckleberries with lemon thyme; Nigella-poppy naan

All in all, this was great!  My favorites were the pasta, corn soup, purslane salad and naan!  I would definitely go back there!

After dinner, we headed for some dessert at Molly Moons, a homemade ice cream shop.

Then for drinks.  Thanks for a great evening, Hannah & Drew!!


For our first 2 nights in Seattle, we stayed at Hotel Andra – a funky boutique hotel in downtown Seattle.  The decor was definitely modern, but with a clean vibe.

They had a great lobby with a nice restaurant/bar/lounge that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It was a great hotel and very close to downtown and Pike Place Market!

the waterfront & the gum wall – seattle, wa

After walking around Pike Place Market for a few hours on Sunday morning, we finally found the famous coffee mug that is seen in pictures with the Public Market sign.  And, it’s tiny!!  Brant could hold it in the palm of his hand. 😉

We stopped in for a snack at Crumpet’s Tea Shop, right off of the market.  It was packed, and delicious!

They offer a wide variety of crumpets, but I kept it simple: crumpet with raspberry jam.

Brant was a little more adventurous and ordered the green eggs and ham!!  The eggs were mixed with pesto to give them the green color.

After our much needed snack, we explored some more. 🙂

We found a chocolate shop!!

Then, made our way down to the waterfront to get some views of the Puget Sound.

The waterfront had some great views and other fun stuff, too.

My crazy husband having fun! 🙂

After some gorgeous views of the water and of the city, it was time to eat!

We headed up the flights of stairs from the waterfront to Pike Place and came across this Gum Wall!!

We had no idea what is was, but there were tons of people coming to see it!  Including, a wedding party taking photos around it.  Yuck!

We looked it up at lunch and here is what we found from Wikepedia:

The Gum Wall is a local landmark in downtown Seattle, in Post Alley under Pike Place Market. Similar to Bubblegum Alley in California, the Gum Wall is a brick wall now covered in used chewing gum. The wall is covered several inches thick, 15 feet high for 50 feet.  The wall is by the waiting line for the Market Theater, and the tradition began around 1993 when patrons of Unexpected Productions’ Seattle Theatresports stuck gum to the wall. Theater workers scraped the gum away twice, but eventually gave up after market officials deemed the gum wall a tourist attraction in around 1999. People initially stuck coins to the wall using the gum, and some people create small works of art out of gum.  It was named one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in 2009, second to the Blarney Stone. It is the location of the start of a ghost tour, and it is a popular site with wedding photographers.


Very interesting…

We enjoyed a great lunch at The Alibi Room!  They have happy hour everyday from 12-6pm, serving beers and food at a discount.  We have found that happy hour is a huge deal in Seattle!  Even fancy restaurants take part.

The Alibi Room is a whole in the wall directly across from the gum wall.  Apparently, it used to have an amazing view of the waterfront, but a building was built in between the two!  The food was still delicious and the atmosphere was great.

Beer was about $3 and each of the food options were between $4 and $7 for happy hour.  We were starving, so we took full advantage of our first lunch in Seattle!


Spicy Mac & Cheese


The afternoon and dinner to come!

pike place market – seattle, wa

I have been MIA for the past few days because we have been exploring in Seattle, Wa!!

We made the trip out west on Saturday and have been loving every minute so far.  After checking in to our hotel, the first spot we hit was Pike Place Market!

Pike Place is a farmer’s market that is open ever day to the public.  The market was opened in 1907, after citizens were fed up with the prices of produce.  The public market was a way to let local farmer’s sell their produce to the public at normal prices.  Now, it is filled with over 200 businesses that sell everything from produce to fish to flowers to pasta to chocolate to honey to lavender.  It is filled with lots of great stuff!

We spent the morning walking around and picking up some goodies to take home.

Highlights of the Market

Gorgeous bunches of flowers for only $5 and $10!!

Lots of produce and goodies

Local jam

Local dried cherries

Homemade pasta!

Dried fruit & nuts

We also came across the famous Pike Place Pig.

And, the first Starbucks, which was packed!!

I absolutely loved Pike Place Market and we’ve been taking morning walks through there with our coffee everyday.  I love vacation!

This doesn’t even begin to cover our whole first day here in Seattle, but it’s time for more exploring!  I’ll be back with many more recaps. 🙂