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Sahale Snacks sent me some samples of their Nut Blends to try out.  When they arrived in the mail, I was psyched!  So many different things to try.

The idea behind the company is great!  The founder was hiking and wanted a more delicious snack that was still packed with the nutrition he needed for the climb.

From the website:

It all started with a climb up Mount Rainier in Washington State in August 2003. We had some beautiful views but nothing delicious to eat. The trail mix and stale nuts we brought on our trip helped to replenish lost energy, but did nothing to satisfy our desire for something great tasting, nutritious and as adventurous as our travels. That experience inspired us to create Sahale Snacks.

Our first line of snacks, the nut blends, are unique combinations of premium nuts, dried fruits, and exotic spices, each reflecting a beautiful location, culture and/or culinary tradition somewhere in the world. They are all natural, delicious, conveniently packaged, and full of nutrition. Recently we added a line of lightly glazed nuts with great fruits like raspberry, strawberry, and pomegranate.

We use whole ingredients in their natural form — such as cashews, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, macadamia nuts, and peanuts — and combine them with naturally dried and preservative-free (unsulphured) fruits, then add fabulous ingredients like organic orange blossom honey, lemongrass, balsamic vinegar, Moroccan harissa, or pure ground Madagascar vanilla beans.

Take us on your next adventure.

For now, you can purchase the nuts online, or at Starbucks.  They are part of Starbucks new snack line!  I saw them the last time I was there.  You can also search here for other locations.

I have been trying these nut blends on salads, on stirfries and just as plain snacks.  They are delicious anyway you eat them.  I found that all of the blends are sweet, but not too sweet.  Just the perfect amount.

Almond PB & JAlmond PB&J with Peanuts + Berries

Review: A great snack that really tastes like jelly covered almonds!  The addition of peanuts to the mix was the PB, so when I got a bite with an almond and a peanut, it was like a PB&J sandwich. 🙂

Nutrition Facts: My small bag of almonds was only 1 ounce, so therefore contained 1 serving.  A great snack to throw in your bag when you are on-the-go!


Honey Almond Almonds with Cranberries, Honey + Sea Salt

Review: Ok, these are my favorite!  They were just a simple, glazed almond with a touch of salt flavor.  The cranberries floated separately in the bag, but made a great mix when eaten together.  The glaze was not overpowering.  It just provided a touch of sweetness. I ate these right out of the bag as well!

Nutrition Facts: The bag I received was one serving.


Pomegranate Cashews – Cashews with Pomegranate + Vanilla

Review:  To me, these had a similar flavor to the Honey Almonds, but with a slight hint of vanilla (and obviously the fact that they are Cashews and not Almonds!:)).  I normally prefer almonds to cashews, but these were great!  They were sprinkled with lots of pomegrante that gave the nuts a bit more flavor and deliciousness.  I would absolutely buy these again!  Once again, they had the perfect about of sweetness and none of the flavors in the blend were overpowering, which is true in so many flavored nuts out there.

Nutrition Facts: I received a larger bag of these, so I am looking forward to enjoying them on salads and as snacks.


Ksar Nut Blend – Pistachios with Sesame Seeds, Pepitas, Fig + Moroccan Harissa

Review: Loved these!  Pistachios are paired perfectly with sesame seeds and a peppery spice.  I loved that these had just a hint of sweetness, but also had a kick at the end.  So far I have enjoyed these on salads, but haven’t eaten them alone – I think they would be a little too spicy for me.  I enjoy sweeter nuts as a snack.  They would be great on top of a spicy stirfry.  A great blend and a must try because it is so different!

Nutrition Facts:



Valdosta Nut Blend – Pecans with Sweet Cranberries, Black Pepper + Orange Zest

Review:  These are some delicious pecans!  And, are a great addition to a sweeter salad, which is just how I used them.  Once again, they just have a hint of sweetness.  I didn’t really taste the pepper at all, which was probably because I ate them in a salad.  The cranberries were a nice addition as well.

Nutrition Facts:

Each and everyone of these glazed nuts and nut blends were delicious!  I would happliy purchase any of them, and can’t wait to find their other nut blends that are out there.  I definitely recommend giving them a try for snacks and on salads!

Sahale Snacks uses healthier and natural ingredients in their blends, which makes me feel better about eating these nuts over other blends out there that use oils and artificial sweeteners.  I loved that you could see the whole cranberries and chunks of pomegranates and figs in the blends.  You know that you are getting the real fruit, and not just a concentrate!

Thank you Sahale Snacks!!


lots of samples

It feels like Monday, since I took yesterday off!  I have been receiving some samples from different companies over the past few weeks and have not been very good about actually trying them, so that is my mission this week!

I started my morning with a fruit & protein shake.  I used a Blended Bliss You Shake sent to me by You Bar as the base and added some other goodies as well.

I have talked about You Bar before on my blog.  You can create your own bars, shakes, cookies, cereal or trail mix on their site!  I will post my full review after I finish my samples!

This shake contained: Whey Protein, Organic Cane Juice, Organic Strawberries, Organic Bananas, Organic Vanilla Powder.

So, basically it was a strawberry-banana protein powder!  To my shake, I added the following:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • handful frozen strawberries
  • ~ 1/2 cup greek yogurt
  • ~1/2 cup almond milk
  • Blended Bliss protein powder

Then, I blended it up to create a smooth and creamy Strawberry-Banana Shake!

Mmmm…it was good!  And, definitely tasted like a strawberry-banana ice cream shake.  I liked the addition of my bananas, strawberries and yogurt to make the shake a little more satisfying and filling, but the powder would probably taste just as good blended with the milk of your choice.

Normally, I prefer to make my own smoothies and shakes, instead of using a mix, but if I was in a pinch or travelling this would be great to have on hand!

Lunch was leftovers again!

I had leftover Israeli Couscous with a small salad.  To the salad I added some peppers, feta and pistachios from Sahale Snacks.

The yummy looking pistachios on top of my salad are actually the Ksar Nut Blend from Sahale Snacks.  The Ksar Nut Blend is Pistachios with Sesame Seeds, Pepitas, Fig + Moroccan Harissa.

From the website:

An exotic, piquant combination of Pistachios and Pepitas, sweetened by figs and honey, and finished with a peppery kick of Moroccan Harissa.

They were a great addition to the salad.  I love a little bit of crunch.  A little sweet, but definitely a spicy and peppery kick at the end!

A few hours later, I was hungry for a snack!  I decided on an Oikos Chocolate Greek Yogurt and a Trail Mix from You Bar!

I absolutely love this greek yogurt!

Chocolate on the bottom!!

The Best Trail Mix contains Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Blueberries, Cranberries, Sunflower Seeds and Sun Drops Chocolate Candies.

It was great, just like trail mix.  I love that you can pick your own ingredients because I always want to combine the different trail mixes that are out there!  I also liked that there is no added sugar to the nuts in the mix.  So many trail mixes add oils and sugars to their nuts, but these are just plain.  Normally, I love to buy nuts and dried fruit to put my own mix together, but this is perfect for a healthy snack on the go!

This bag contains 234 calories, 16 grams of fat, 20 grams of carbs and 5 grams of protein, so I only added about half to my yogurt.  With the chocolate yogurt and sun drops candies, I felt like I was having dessert without the guilt!

A sweet and satisfying snack, which was perfect to hold me over until dinner!