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i’m pregnant: week 36

Hello blog friends!  Just a quick little post to tell you that I am still here. 🙂

I haven’t posted in just over a month, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been having tons of fun.  My 8th month of pregnancy was pretty good!  I continued to feel great and tried to get in as many walks as I could with the snowy and cold weather we have had here in Boston.  We spent the majority of our time relaxing and getting ourselves ready to have our baby.  The nursery is almost complete (pictures to come when it is complete!) and we have just about everything that we need for our little one.

Tomorrow marks the end of my 36th week of pregnancy, which means that I am considered full term, so the little one is fully developed.  Our due date is a mere 3 weeks away!

Week 32

Week 34

Week 36

The baby keeps growing bigger and bigger, but I am still right on track where I should be.  Everyone is healthy and happy. 🙂

I have been trying to keep up with the healthy eating, which really isn’t that difficult when you make delicious healthy dinners, like Angela’s Mandarin & Maple Quinoa!

Delicious ingredients combine to create a sweet and spicy quinoa dish.

Overall, I have been feeling good.  Definitely getting more and more uncomfortable, especially while sleeping, but nothing that won’t be worth it in the end!


i’m pregnant: week 30

I wasn’t planning on a pregnancy post this week, since I just recently posted a Second Trimester Recap, but I had to document some photos!

Week 10

Week 20

Week 30

It is amazing how much can happen over a 5-6 month timeframe.  It seems like just yesterday that we found out that we were pregnant…and here we are with just 9 weeks left to go until our due date!

i’m pregnant: second trimester recap

My second trimester has come and gone!  And, I have entered my third…

Week 28 (Trimester 3)


The second trimester was great!  I felt like I had tons of energy (compared to the first trimester) and I wasn’t nearly as tired.  My workouts were fairly normal – I did a lot of swimming and running towards the begining and more swimming and walking towards the end.  It was around week 21 when I had my last really good run…

The Turkey Trot!

I felt great during the run, but over the next few weeks my runs got more and more uncomfortable…so, I decided to ease more into walking.  Why be uncomfortable when I can walk and swim and get a great workout that way instead?!

By week 23, I was getting bigger:

But, not more uncomfortable, which was great.  I tried to keep my eating on the normal side…lots of whole foods – veggies, fruits, protein, etc.  I had my appetite back (which was non-existent in the first trimester), so I actually enjoyed eating again.

The next few weeks, I noticed a huge change.  It is incredible how much your body changes during pregnancy, especially in the late 2nd-early 3rd trimester (and I’m sure I haven’t even seen the most of it yet at week 29!)

We took our Childbirth Classes weeks 25-26, which made us feel much more prepared.  I am not sure that you can ever be 100% prepared to go into labor, but at least we feel more comfortable about it. 🙂

By Christmas, I was starting to get a little uncomfortable while I came to the end of trimester 2!

Week 27:

I felt the baby moving throughout trimester 2, but the real kicks started at the begining on December.  Since then, the baby has been moving like crazy!  Throughout the day I feel kicking, and it even wakes me up at night.

I am both excited and nervous to see what Trimester 3 holds.  I already feel a little more uncomfortable, and my sleeping is always interrupted (I guess I need to get used to it!!).  I find that I can’t eat as much as once because I just don’t have room!  Smaller meals/snacks throughout the day seems to work best for me at this point.

Nine months seems like an eternity when it starts, but now that we have less than 3 months to go…it feels like it flew!

i’m pregnant, week 24

Week 24…crazy!  It is going by so fast…and my belly is growing every day!

This second trimester has been great!  I have so much more energy than the first trimester and I feel 100% better.  There are still days that I just don’t feel like ‘myself’, but I’m pregnant – it’s expected!  And, those days are few and far between, so overall I have been feeling great! 🙂

The last 4-5 weeks, I have noticed a big change in the size of my belly.  The baby is getting bigger…and I can tell!

(check out my last post to see previous pics!)

Week 18:

My appetite is definitely back and I crave real foods again!  I have been loving salads with a lot of toppings, as well as, brussels sprouts.  My body wants greens…but, it also wants carbs!  I have learned to give in to my cravings.  Thankfully, I haven’t been craving too much sugar on most days.  My eating has still been very healthy, so I am not too worried about what I am eating at this point.  I am just eating when I’m hungry (which is much more on some days!).

Week 20:

It feels great to workout.  Some days, I find that I definitely just need to take it easy and rest, but on the other days, I love my workouts.  I have been keeping them mostly low-key, just trying to get my body moving and to get my heart rate up for 30-45 minutes each day.  But, I am enjoying my workouts so much more!  I find them therapeautic and fun, whereas before, I felt like I needed to workout.  These days, I want to workout.  I want to be healthy for my baby…and for myself.  Walking and swimming are my workouts of choice these days, but I also still try to enjoy a slow run/jog once or twice a week, even though it is getting harder!

At week 22, Brant and I ran in a Turkey Trot in Orlando!

We took it slow, but kept a good pace, finishing in 31 minutes!

Week 22:

I feel the baby moving a lot, which definitely makes being pregnant very exciting.  It is a constant reminder of the little one inside of you…and a constant reminder that you are the one who needs to provide for this baby!  With each week that passes, we get more and more excited.  We can’t wait to feel the baby start kicking!

Week 24:

We have about 3 months to go…and our birth classes start this week!  It’s getting so close! 🙂

pregnancy tips: nutrients you need!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor.  Everything that I write about has been researched by me for my own pregnancy.  Please consult a doctor for health advice.

We all know how important vitamins and nutrients are to our health, right?!  You should always try to consume a variety and balance of foods and nutrients to keep your body healthy and thriving.  However, when you are pregnant, it is even more important to eat those nutrients because your baby needs them to grow!

At first, I was worried that I was not getting enough nutrients for my growing baby because all I was eating were saltines, cheerios and white bread, but I was told that they baby will take all of the nutrients first, then they get distributed into your system!  Plus, at the beginning of any pregnancy, the baby is so small, that it barely needs anything at all.  I have done a lot of research to make sure that I am consuming the nutrients that my baby needs, so I wanted to share my knowledge with all of you. 🙂

Some of the most important categories to think about are listed below:

Healthy Fats


Despite what many woman think, fat is good for you!  And, is necessary for energy production and to stay healthy.  There are different types of fat, so try to stick with the good fats, especially while pregnant.  About 20 to 35 % of your daily calories should come from healthy fats such as olive oil, avocados, organic nut butters, etc.



DHA is essential for your baby’s brain development.  It is recommended to eat fish, such as salmon or shrimp, once a week to get the necessary DHA requirement.  You can also get omega-3’s from eating flaxseed and other nuts.



Fiber does not contribute any calories to your diet, but it does do 2 wonderful things!  It helps you to feel fuller longer and it aids in digestion (which is definitely important while pregnant, since your digestive system works much slower than normal…).  Women need about 25 grams per day, Pregnant women need about 28 grams.



Protein is very important!  It helps to keep your baby growing and developing, and it also helps you to produce new cells and regulate your hormones.  Protein is important for anyone and everyone.  Athletes need protein to repair muscles, as well.  On average, a 150-pound woman needs 50-60 grams of protein, but while pregnant you need at least 25 grams more per day.



Our bodies are made up of mostly water.  It regulates your body temperature (and your baby’s, since they cannot sweat), and helps to transport nutrients throughout your body.  Everyone should drink a lot of water everyday, but pregnant women are told to consume about 80-100 oz daily!

Vitamins – Vitamins basically help your body function.  They all perform different tasks, therefore, including a variety in your diet will help you get everything that you need.

Minerals – Minerals help to support life!  Iron is extremely important while pregnant, as well as, Calcium!  Your baby will be born with enough iron stores for about 4-6 months.  Calcium builds strong and healthy bones.  While pregnant, your baby will continue to take your calcium supply.  Therefore, it is important to get ample amounts of calcium for your baby, and to replenish your own calcium supply.

Another important topic is calories!  Many women are constantly counting calories, something that I have never done.  But, today, I decided to count them up just for fun.  An average weight woman who moderately works out most days of the week, should consume roughly 2,000 – 2,400 calories per day (much more than many women think they should eat…).  I put myself into that category.  In your second trimester (which I am in now), you should consume on average, 350 calories more per day.

I decided to calculate some of the nutrients in all of my meals today, just to see how I was doing.  I seem to be doing very well!


2 scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and toast

Calories ~400, Protein ~ 23g, Fat ~ 20g, Fiber ~ 4g

Mid-morning Snack

Blueberry Banana Smoothie (1 cup greek yogurt, 1 cup water, 1 cup blueberries, 1/2 banana, 2 tbsp flaxseeds, 1 scoop protein powder)

Calories ~415, Protein ~ 35g, Fat ~ 9g, Fiber ~ 8g


Orchard Chicken Salad from Panera Bread (info taken from website) + whole wheat baguette + 8 oz. Chocolate Milk

Calories ~ 580, Protein ~ 41g, Fat ~ 10g, Fiber ~ 6g

Afternoon Snack

Homemade Trail Mix (coconut, apricots, almonds)

Calories ~330, Protein ~ 2g, Fat ~ 6g, Fiber ~ 3g


Mung Bean Pasta with tomatoes, peppers and nutritional yeast (mixed with 1/2 tbsp butter, 1/8 cup tomato sauce, salt, pepper and pepper) + veggie burger

Calories ~430, Protein ~ 30g, Fat ~ 9g, Fiber ~ 12g


Gingerbread muffin with 8 oz. milk

Calories ~330, Protein ~ 8g, Fat ~ 17g, Fiber ~ 2g


45 minutes on the elliptical


Total Calories ~2485

Total Protein ~ 139 grams

Total Fat ~ 71 grams

Total Fiber ~ 35 grams

I have also been drinking a lot of water, especially before, during and after I work out.

All in all, it was a great day!  I definitely do feel like I eat a little more now, especially on days that I work out (which is most days of the week).  That baby must be growing!  I try to make every meal and snack well balanced, but treat myself as well. 🙂