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winter park farmer’s market

On Saturday mornings, Winter Park, FL has a great little farmer’s market that is held all year round.

Brant and I took a trip there to check it out and pick up some goodies!  Apparently, it is the best farmer’s market in Central Florida.

They had great stuff.

A lot of produce.

The fruit looked amazing – so much different than are in our stores in the Northeast right now!

Everyone at the market was walking around with bags of this kettlecorn, so we had to get some.

Delicious!  Perfect amount of sweet and salty.

Wonderful spreads that can be shipped throughout the US from Sunchowder.

I tried a bunch, but brought home the very unique spreads – Pineapple Starfruit and Butternut Squash, Coconut & Ginger.  They were out of this world!!!

Homemade Vanilla and vanilla powder made with organically grown vanilla beans.

And, the much talked about Raspberry Lemonade – made using fresh squeezed lemons, crushed raspberries, a touch of sugar and water.


Organic tea leaves!

After the market, we made a trip to Infusion Tea for lunch.

It is even cuter than I thought it would be!  The tea/food shop is connected to a local co-op where locally made products are sold.  They had cute baby clothes, clothes, jewelry, etc.

I ordered a hummus, avocado, spinach, tomato and sunflower seed wrap.

The sunflower seeds were a great addition.  They added a bit of crunch and saltiness to a few bites.

The wrap was served with a bean salad – edamame, black beans, chickpeas and raisins.

Perfect. 🙂


a day at the big e

I’m only a few days late with this post. 🙂

Last Saturday, we took a trip out to Springfield, MA and spent the day at the Big E!  If you don’t know what the Big E is, it’s the Eastern States Exposition.  A huge fair/carnival/etc that runs for 2 full weeks (3 weekends) every Setember.

This was my first time at the Big E and I was shocked as to how big it really was.  We spent a good 9 hours there and missed so much stuff!

We started and ended our day at my favorite part of the fair – The State Buildings.  Each New England state has their own building where they sell different foods and souveniers local to their state.

We started with cider donuts and hot apple cider from Vermont!

It was very fun to see what was inside of each state building, Vermont was by far the best with their apple cider, maple cotton candy, flatbread pizza, soaps, Ben & Jerry’s and t-shirts!  But, other’s had fun things to offer too.


This was my first time trying golden raspberries and they were delicious!

We took a detour from the State Buildings and toured the rest of the grounds…and stopped at the giant slide!  I watched while my husband and friends took a ride.

We hunted for the giant butter sculpture!

And, found some piglets!

A giant pumpkin.

A talking veggie show. 🙂

(We also spent a lot of time watching the Vita-Mix demonstration which was awesome!)

Then, it was back to the State Buildings for dinner.

A Maine baked potato with cheese and chives.

And, another slice of Vermont’s flatbread pizza!

It was such a fun day!  Can’t wait until next year. 🙂

tilth & the troll- seattle, wa

For our last night in Seattle, we celebrated our 2-year anniversary!  It was more exciting to try a new restaurant while away, so we got a few recommendations and headed to Tilth in a neighborhood of Seattle – Wallingford.

Tilth is set in an adorable little house right on the main street of the neighborhood.

The goal at Tilth is to serve all local and organic ingredients to their customers.  And, they did a phenomenal job!  This was by far our favorite meal on our vacation (with Farm to Fork coming in a very close 2nd for me. :)).

Everything was local and organic!  I loved it!

The food was so fresh everywhere that we ate in the Pacific Northwest, that honestly, it is hard to come back to the East Coast and be excited about a dinner menu!  Time for a lot of cooking in my own kitchen. 🙂

Anyways, back to our dinner…I won’t describe each course because they were all the best I have ever had!  So, just remember that when you see the pictures.

They started us with a cold carrot soup, compliments of the chef.

Next up, we split two appetizers:

Chilled Billy’s Gardens Tomato Soup  basil/grilled cheese sandwich/heirloom tomato

Full Circle Farm lettuces  lemon cucumber/rogue river blue cheese/ mustard vinaigrette

For my entree, I decided on a homemade pasta.

House Made Pappardelle  fava bean/walla walla onion/sous vide egg

Brant ordered a beef special for his entree, which I forgot to photograph!

On to dessert:

White Corn Crème Brulée with candied bacon

Yes, you saw that right – candied bacon!

This meal was unbelievable!  It was the perfect place for an anniversary dinner.  The atmosphere was wonderful, the meal was delicious and the service was superb.  It you are ever in Seattle, definitely try it out.  You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Before dinner, we checked out the Fremont Troll who lives under the bridge.

He is crushing a real VW Bug!  That’s how big he is!

sculpture park, space needle & homegrown – seattle, wa

Since we stayed in a different part of Seattle for the 2nd part of our stay, we had a lot of new things to explore on our morning walks!

On Friday, we headed straight to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

The park was situated right on the water, in front of Myrtle Edwards Park, which had great running/walking/biking trails and views of the Puget Sound.

The sculptures were scattered throughout the park, some larger than others.  Many of the pieces of art were a little too modern for my tastes, but it was still awesome to be exploring all of this art right in a park!

This enormous sculpture was one of my favorites.

And this, was not really art in my mind…

Tha famous red eagle.

And, a few other highlights.

After the park, we headed on to do more touristy stuff!  We rode to the top of the Space Needle, Seattle’s landmark!

Even though it was a cloudy day and we could not see the mountains in the distance, the views of the city from the Needle were 100% worth the trip up!

We enjoyed the views for a while, then headed back down to hit up Homegrown for lunch!

Homegrown has a few locations in Seattle, we headed to the Fremont location.  We went there when we first got to Seattle and I knew that I had to go back.  They use all local and sustainable ingredients.  Check out the theory from their website:

Our goal at Homegrown is not only to create sandwiches out of sustainable ingredients but also to make sandwich creation sustainable itself.

This goes beyond using fresh, sustainable ingredients in our gourmet sandwiches, salads and soups. Homegrown strives for sustainability as a local business through the green materials we print and serve on, to our rejection of bottled water, to our 100% compostable and recyclable product.

We consider our environmental impact for every ingredient choice, often between two competing theories: eating organic and eating local.

We take the best from both worlds to create our sustainable sandwiches. We like to call this sandwich environmentalism. Enjoy.

They list where their ingredients come from right on the wall!

Their menu is different and they offer a variety of vegetarian options!  But, also offer meat options that my husband was psyched about!  The best of both worlds. 🙂

I ordered The Veggie, which was unbelievable, along with a side of their homemade chips.

The Veggiehummus, avocado, cucumber, sprouts and tomato served cold on toasted french or wholegrain

All of my favorites in one spot!

Check out how fresh those ingredients look.  Mmmm…Homegrown was my favorite sandwich shop, for sure!

After lunch, we headed down the street for a Chocolate Tour!!  More on that to come. 🙂

food carts and breweries – portland, or

On Wednesday, we spent the day in Portland, OR visiting some family and sightseeing!  Compared to Seattle, Portland is a really small city, but still lovely!

We started out by exploring the Pearl District and all of it’s loft’s, cafe’s and boutique’s.  And, stopped by Powell’s bookstore, which takes up an entire city block!

After visiting with some family, we hit up another trendy area – North Mississippi Ave.  This street is lined with shops, cafe’s and food carts!

Food carts are a big part of Portland’s food scene.  They are not like any cart’s I’ve seen, but instead, they serve a bit higher end food.  They were all packed!

I decided on something sweet and hit up The Sugar food cart for a brownie sundae!

They had quite the menu for a food cart.

All of the sweets were handmade and everything else used was local.

After some more exploring and hitting up a local farmer’s market, it was time for Brant’s treat – a brewery tasting at Rouge!

As I mentioned before, Portland is known for their brewpubs, so this was a must-stop on our list. 🙂

We went with a sampler to make sure we tried a variety.

Verdict?  Everything was pretty good!

We hit up Meriwether’s in NW Portland for an early dinner before meeting some family at a swanky wine bar!

They use only local ingredients, many of which are grown in their garden.

We started with a sampler plate – risotto fritters, lamb meatballs, chickpea fries, tomato ricotta toast and gorgonzola stuffed dates.

And, a salad with ingredients solely from their garden.

For my entree, I chose a homemade pasta dish with mushrooms, tomatoes and Parmesan.

Brant went with the crab risotto.

We had a great time exploring Portland!