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Who doesn’t love fashion?!  This blog is mainly about my healthy lifestyle, but I also have a love for clothes, shoes and accessories!  I have always liked shopping, but it used to be mainly for fun jewelry, bags and shoes.  I was always scared to try on clothes and see what I would look like, and I rarely made a trip to the dressing room while shopping with friends because I would almost always end up depressed.

Once I began eating healthy, running and losing weight I regained my confidence and my love for shopping.  Shirts, pants and dresses finally fit and looked good on me!  Wearing and looking good in clothes that you love immediately boosts your self confidence.  I began to wake up everyday happy to put on a cute outfit, instead of dreading what I was going to wear.  Nowadays, my favorite shopping trips are for new running clothes!  I do love running, but I am much more motivated to get up and run at 5am if I get to wear that new running skirt!


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