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the potato project; the importance of “organic”

Has anyone seen this video on you tube???  If you haven’t, definitely watch it!

It really makes you think…how do we know when foods are truly organic??  And, how can we find that out?


best. meal. ever.

Are you craving a simple weeknight meal?  Something super easy to make, but nutritious and completely delicious to eat?  This is it!  Trust me.

Two of my favorite veggies are sweet potatoes and kale.  My favorite ways to eat them?  Low and slow sweet potatoes and kale chips!

Low and Slow Sweet Potatoes

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees.
  • Wash your sweet potato and cut into round slices.
  • Place your rounds on a cookie sheet and brush with coconut oil.
  • Bake at 350 for 30 minutes, then increase the temperature to 400 and bake for an additional 20 minutes.
  • Serve with coconut butter!

They come out perfect every time!

Kale Chips

  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  • Tear kale into bite size pieces and wash.
  • Spread out on a cookie sheet, mist with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  • Bake at 400 for 5-7 minutes until edges are browned.
  • Serve with ketchup!


With these two delicious veggies, all you need to add is a protein.  I grilled up an apple and sage Field Roast Veggie Sausage, but I served this to my husband with a piece of chicken.  Anything would work.

This meal was perfect after a long day at work.


how to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight

It’s been over 7 months and I still have a bit of weight to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.  Yes, it’s frustrating that it is taking so long, but I can’t say that I have done too much these past 7 months to help matters.  Yes, I have been going on long walks and eating healthy when I can, but not like I used to.  Before having our baby, I was extremely motivated to workout and eat healthy.  Now, I still want to do those things, but it is hard to get motivated and even harder to find the time!  My motivation has changed from being motivated to be the healthiest that I can be to being the best mom that I can be.  But, what I have realized is that being my healthiest is helping me to be the best mom to my daughter.
Everyone talks about ‘losing the baby weight’, but no one tells you how hard it is to find the time to exercise.  From sleep loss to just taking care of another person, there really isn’t much time!  Over the past 7 months, I have learned that I need to make time for myself.  It may not happen every day, but each week, I need to set aside some time for me.  It will benefit everyone!
Exercise is awesome.  At times, it is definitely hard to get motivated, but once you do get out there and exercise, you feel so much better inside and out.  However, the key to really losing the weight is nutrition.  You can exercise all you want, but if you continue to eat poorly, then your body will hold on to that extra weight.  I have been walking, jogging and trying to eat healthy since our baby was born, but it is time to kick it up a notch!  So, my goals each week are to:
  • run 3x per week
  • weight lift & light cardio 2x per week (walking, elliptical, etc)
  • eat some type of veggie with lunch & dinner
  • eat fruit with breakfast and for snacks
  • I also love to take long walks with my husband and daughter, so that will be thrown in there as well.
The nutrition part shouldn’t be that difficult for me because I really do love healthy food.  But, I need to get back in the kitchen to make sure that I know what is going in to my food, and my body.  My downfall for the past 7 months has been sweets.  I can eat healthy all I want, but the sweets are what get me!  Now, I don’t want to completely give them up and I don’t want to go on a diet (if you haven’t figured out yet from my blog, i’m not a fan of diets.  I believe in a lifestyle change, not a diet).  You should want to eat well…and I want to eat well and set a good example for my children.  Plus, good food tastes good!
My daughter has been eating solid foods for the past month or so, which has made me really want to get back on track.  I want to teach her the best eating habits, exercise habits and lifestyle habits as possible.  Mmmm…sweet potatoes!
Michael Pollan said it best: “you can eat as many sweets as you want, if you make them yourself”.  Homemade treats taste better anyways, and you won’t make them everyday, so why not induldge when you do?!  With the holidays coming up, this could be tough.  But, as long as I eat healthy and get enough exercise each week, I am not going to worry about it.
Another goal of mine is to blog more.  Blogging keeps me on track because I love to come up with new recipes, easy weeknight meals, and easy food to bring on the go.  Blogging will hopefully motivate me to do that!  But, honestly, this is the only motivation that I need…
I hope you continue to follow my journey!

a fresh (and healthy) start

I am finally back on track with my eating and feeling great!

The past week, I have been starting my day off with a glass of fresh squeezed juice.  I have been feeling dehydrated, tired and just crappy lately, so starting my day off with a lot of vitamins and nutrients is a great way to start the day.  I feel re-energized!

Beets, carrots, apple, 1/2 lime and a knob of ginger were in the mix.

Refreshing and delicious on these hot and humid summer days!

Juice is a great way to get a natural boost of energy and essential vitamins in to your diet.  The calories do add up, but a glass every morning or every few mornings won’t do any harm as long as you eat healthy the rest of the day.  Healthy eating makes me have more energy and feel much better about myself.  And, now that I have a little one to raise, it is important to me to get her on a healthy track right from the start.

On Saturday morning, we took Hayden out for a walk through the trails at Elm Bank in Wellesley.  It was a gorgeous day; perfect for some exercise!

After our walk, we toured the gardens, including the children’s garden!

And, we had a picnic on the grounds and relaxed.

Once home, I made up a batch of Angela’s Veggie Burgers and we had a delicious meal!

These burgers are delicious!  Jam packed with oats, beans, nuts and carrots, these burgers are filling and healthy!  I piled my burger high with cheddar cheese, avocado and a slice of tomato.  And, served them with sweet potato fries and corn on the cob.

What a perfect day!

another month goes by

Well, clearly time is flying over here!  I can’t believe that it has been another month since I posted…and that my baby girl is now 3 months old!!!

She has changed so much over the past 3 months, but I have noticed the majority of changes over the past month.

Hayden – 1 month old

Hayden – 2 months old

Hayden – 3 months old

She has her own little personality now!  She is smiling all the time and “talking/cooing”.  And, this past week – she has been sleeping 8-10 hour stretches at night!  A huge change from the 2 hour stretches that we were getting only 2 months ago.  Time flies!

Now that 3 months have gone by, my husband and I have vowed to get back on track with our eating.  We haven’t been eating poorly, but we have been getting a lot of takeout because it is just so much easier.  We are now on more of a sleep schedule with our daughter, so it should be easier for us to make this work.  It is hard to get back on track!

I have run a few times over the past month, but I am ready to make that a priority again (behind being a mom, of course!).  Being a mom means that I need to set a good example for my family.  Healthy living is important to me, therefore, it needs to be a priority.  I want to get back on the road…and back to the kitchen.  Summer is the perfect time to do both with the longer days and nicer weather, it is easy to stay motivated.

And, this baby girl is even more motivation to get back on track!