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A few months ago, the wonderful folks at Vitalicious sent me some of their new mini Vitacakes to sample.

Mini Vitacakes are a smaller version of their Vitatops, which are sold only in Chocolate and clock in at only 50 calories!  They are a perfect way to curb your chocolate craving.

From their website:

For the moments you need a chocolate fix without breaking the calorie bank –

We created a snack that requires no deliberation or justification – just delicious satisfaction. We made our new 50-calorie Fudgy Chocolate mini VitaCakes because we couldn’t find anything like them anywhere.

Truly unique, these treats are packed with vitamins, fiber and protein to keep you both full and fulfilled throughout the day. A mini VitaCake indulgence is a no brainer – each of the 50 calories in our mini VitaCake works hard so you can enjoy a filling, guilt-free snack anytime.

I loved these Mini Vitacakes!  Normally, I prefer more whole foods as snacks, but sometimes you just need a treat and don’t have time to make it.  That’s when these are great.  You keep them in the freezer, so you can always have them on hand without worrying that they may go bad.  (I have a 24 pack in my freezer right now!)  They defrost very quickly by leaving them out for a few minutes, or by microwaving them for 10 seconds!  I recommend microwaving because it makes the chocolate chips all melty and delicious. 🙂

They are perfect after any meal for a small chocolate fix, or mid-afternoon with a cup of tea (my personal fave!).

I was also sent the newest flavor of Vitatops – Banana Chocolate Chip!

This is by far my favor Vitatop flavor!  It tastes just like Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips…what could be better?!

I believe that the mini Vitacakes are only sold online at this time and come in a pack of 24.  You can purchase other Vitalicious products in the freezer section of your local grocery store.

I hope you enjoy!!

Read my previous review on Vitatops here.


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