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another month goes by

Well, clearly time is flying over here!  I can’t believe that it has been another month since I posted…and that my baby girl is now 3 months old!!!

She has changed so much over the past 3 months, but I have noticed the majority of changes over the past month.

Hayden – 1 month old

Hayden – 2 months old

Hayden – 3 months old

She has her own little personality now!  She is smiling all the time and “talking/cooing”.  And, this past week – she has been sleeping 8-10 hour stretches at night!  A huge change from the 2 hour stretches that we were getting only 2 months ago.  Time flies!

Now that 3 months have gone by, my husband and I have vowed to get back on track with our eating.  We haven’t been eating poorly, but we have been getting a lot of takeout because it is just so much easier.  We are now on more of a sleep schedule with our daughter, so it should be easier for us to make this work.  It is hard to get back on track!

I have run a few times over the past month, but I am ready to make that a priority again (behind being a mom, of course!).  Being a mom means that I need to set a good example for my family.  Healthy living is important to me, therefore, it needs to be a priority.  I want to get back on the road…and back to the kitchen.  Summer is the perfect time to do both with the longer days and nicer weather, it is easy to stay motivated.

And, this baby girl is even more motivation to get back on track!