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i’m pregnant: second trimester recap

My second trimester has come and gone!  And, I have entered my third…

Week 28 (Trimester 3)


The second trimester was great!  I felt like I had tons of energy (compared to the first trimester) and I wasn’t nearly as tired.  My workouts were fairly normal – I did a lot of swimming and running towards the begining and more swimming and walking towards the end.  It was around week 21 when I had my last really good run…

The Turkey Trot!

I felt great during the run, but over the next few weeks my runs got more and more uncomfortable…so, I decided to ease more into walking.  Why be uncomfortable when I can walk and swim and get a great workout that way instead?!

By week 23, I was getting bigger:

But, not more uncomfortable, which was great.  I tried to keep my eating on the normal side…lots of whole foods – veggies, fruits, protein, etc.  I had my appetite back (which was non-existent in the first trimester), so I actually enjoyed eating again.

The next few weeks, I noticed a huge change.  It is incredible how much your body changes during pregnancy, especially in the late 2nd-early 3rd trimester (and I’m sure I haven’t even seen the most of it yet at week 29!)

We took our Childbirth Classes weeks 25-26, which made us feel much more prepared.  I am not sure that you can ever be 100% prepared to go into labor, but at least we feel more comfortable about it. 🙂

By Christmas, I was starting to get a little uncomfortable while I came to the end of trimester 2!

Week 27:

I felt the baby moving throughout trimester 2, but the real kicks started at the begining on December.  Since then, the baby has been moving like crazy!  Throughout the day I feel kicking, and it even wakes me up at night.

I am both excited and nervous to see what Trimester 3 holds.  I already feel a little more uncomfortable, and my sleeping is always interrupted (I guess I need to get used to it!!).  I find that I can’t eat as much as once because I just don’t have room!  Smaller meals/snacks throughout the day seems to work best for me at this point.

Nine months seems like an eternity when it starts, but now that we have less than 3 months to go…it feels like it flew!


2 Responses

  1. You look so happy Jen. Yay third trimester! Hooray!

  2. It is getting so close! I am really excited for you!!

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