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i’m pregnant, week 24

Week 24…crazy!  It is going by so fast…and my belly is growing every day!

This second trimester has been great!  I have so much more energy than the first trimester and I feel 100% better.  There are still days that I just don’t feel like ‘myself’, but I’m pregnant – it’s expected!  And, those days are few and far between, so overall I have been feeling great! 🙂

The last 4-5 weeks, I have noticed a big change in the size of my belly.  The baby is getting bigger…and I can tell!

(check out my last post to see previous pics!)

Week 18:

My appetite is definitely back and I crave real foods again!  I have been loving salads with a lot of toppings, as well as, brussels sprouts.  My body wants greens…but, it also wants carbs!  I have learned to give in to my cravings.  Thankfully, I haven’t been craving too much sugar on most days.  My eating has still been very healthy, so I am not too worried about what I am eating at this point.  I am just eating when I’m hungry (which is much more on some days!).

Week 20:

It feels great to workout.  Some days, I find that I definitely just need to take it easy and rest, but on the other days, I love my workouts.  I have been keeping them mostly low-key, just trying to get my body moving and to get my heart rate up for 30-45 minutes each day.  But, I am enjoying my workouts so much more!  I find them therapeautic and fun, whereas before, I felt like I needed to workout.  These days, I want to workout.  I want to be healthy for my baby…and for myself.  Walking and swimming are my workouts of choice these days, but I also still try to enjoy a slow run/jog once or twice a week, even though it is getting harder!

At week 22, Brant and I ran in a Turkey Trot in Orlando!

We took it slow, but kept a good pace, finishing in 31 minutes!

Week 22:

I feel the baby moving a lot, which definitely makes being pregnant very exciting.  It is a constant reminder of the little one inside of you…and a constant reminder that you are the one who needs to provide for this baby!  With each week that passes, we get more and more excited.  We can’t wait to feel the baby start kicking!

Week 24:

We have about 3 months to go…and our birth classes start this week!  It’s getting so close! 🙂