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celebration, fl

After the Winter Park Farmer’s Market, we took a trip to Celebration, FL.  Celebration is Disney’s planned community.  It is suppossed to be a state of utopia, where everything is perfect.

I had to show you the pictures, just because I was in awe the whole time that we were there.  It is a funny little community.  All of the houses have front porches and driveways in the back, so as not to disturbe the look of the house.

They have a small downtown, with little shops and restaurants.

Even the dogs get delicious treats!

(yup!  those are dog treats!)

A cute post office.

And, an adorable little hotel.

We stopped for an ice cream while walking around…

…and enjoyed the view.

They create a winter wonderland every night during the month of December with an ice skating rink, holiday decorations, a Christmas Tree and SNOW!

It was definitely a site to see.


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