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welcome to sunny florida!

We started off our trip to Florida with breakfast at the airport…

A giant Strawberry Banana Smoothie from Fresh City an Almond Butter and Cranberry Jelly sandwich on Millet toast that I brought from home.

Airport food options are always a bit limited, so I try to pack something from home if I can.  It makes it easier than searching out a healthy option.

It was an uneventful plane ride down to Orlando, and we landed in sunny and warm Florida that afternoon!

We sat by the pool and enjoyed our view. 🙂

And, enjoyed a chocolate smoothie that I whipped up once we arrived – 8 oz oz of chocolate milk, 1 banana, 1 packet of Amazing Grass Superfoods, handful of ice – all blended up and brought to the pool.

Then went for a walk around the resort before heading to a family dinner of baked ziti, salad, meatballs and italian bread.

The weather has been gorgeous!  Stay tuned for more Florida adventures. 🙂


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