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a day at the big e

I’m only a few days late with this post. 🙂

Last Saturday, we took a trip out to Springfield, MA and spent the day at the Big E!  If you don’t know what the Big E is, it’s the Eastern States Exposition.  A huge fair/carnival/etc that runs for 2 full weeks (3 weekends) every Setember.

This was my first time at the Big E and I was shocked as to how big it really was.  We spent a good 9 hours there and missed so much stuff!

We started and ended our day at my favorite part of the fair – The State Buildings.  Each New England state has their own building where they sell different foods and souveniers local to their state.

We started with cider donuts and hot apple cider from Vermont!

It was very fun to see what was inside of each state building, Vermont was by far the best with their apple cider, maple cotton candy, flatbread pizza, soaps, Ben & Jerry’s and t-shirts!  But, other’s had fun things to offer too.


This was my first time trying golden raspberries and they were delicious!

We took a detour from the State Buildings and toured the rest of the grounds…and stopped at the giant slide!  I watched while my husband and friends took a ride.

We hunted for the giant butter sculpture!

And, found some piglets!

A giant pumpkin.

A talking veggie show. 🙂

(We also spent a lot of time watching the Vita-Mix demonstration which was awesome!)

Then, it was back to the State Buildings for dinner.

A Maine baked potato with cheese and chives.

And, another slice of Vermont’s flatbread pizza!

It was such a fun day!  Can’t wait until next year. 🙂

allandale farm csa, week 14

Only 3 more weeks to go in our 2010 CSA.  I will definitely be sad for it to come to an end, but am excited to search for more local, organic produce throughout the winter months.

I love fall veggies, like squashes and potatoes.  Definitely comfort food at it’s best. 🙂

Acorn Squash


Bok Choy




Summer Squash







i’m pregnant: first trimester recap

Ok, so I promise that my blog will not turn into a blog completely related to being pregnant, but since it is the biggest thing happening to me and my husband in our lives right now, I will definitely be talking about it a lot!

It is a very exciting time for us, and the majority of my eating and exercise will be related to being pregnant.  (No more marathons for me right now!)  Plus, I hope that some of you will gain some insight and take away useful tips and advice from my posts.

I also want to use my blog as a way for me to track my pregnancy.  To see how I am feeling from week to week and to keep track of my workouts and nutrient intake.  What better way to start than to recap my first trimester. 🙂

Here we go…

Looking back, the first trimester was kind of a blur.  Where did those 3 months go?! We found out that I was pregnant about week 4 and immediately (even a little before) I started to feel sick.  I had a constant nauseous feeling all day long.  I was exhausted all the time.  I didn’t like it!  I was going crazy!  I wanted to be active, but I was way to tired and I wasn’t eating properly to fuel my workouts.  So, I didn’t do much.

I ate a lot of white flour – bread, saltines, pasta – with the occasional smoothie to try to get some protein into my body.  Every vegetable that I looked at made me feel even more sick.  Nothing was appealing to me at all!

During this time, I was definitely worried that I was not getting my body the nutrients that it needed.  But, I was reassured that the baby didn’t need a lot of nutrients right now because it is so small.  At that point, the most important thing to do is to make your body feel better and give in to its needs.

That was very hard for me at first, but week after week, it got better.  Until one day in week 10, I woke up and felt good!  I wasn’t nauseous!  It was awesome. 🙂  Since then, I have had a couple of off days, but the majority of the time I feel pretty darn good.

Week 11 belly photo:

During the first trimester, so much is happening to your body.  The baby is growing, even though you may not realize it.  I definitely had some days where I couldn’t believe that a baby was actually growing inside of me.  It felt surreal, but at the same time, so exciting!

At the beginning of week 10, we heard the baby’s heartbeat.  It was so fast (about 165 bpm), and so cool.  We were both unbelievably excited.  That’s when it really started to feel real.  Week 12, we had our first ultrasound for screening purposes.  There he/she was!  We could see our baby very clearly, all 2.5 inches of him!  Legs, feet, arms, hands, body and head.  It really looked like a baby. 🙂

Week 13 belly photo:

Now, we are on to the second trimester and I know that good things are in store.  I feel great and not nearly as tired as I was before.  The baby is growing so much more now.  We can’t wait for that 18 week ultrasound in a month!