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i’m pregnant, week 18

Now that everyone knows that my husband and I are expanding our family and adding a little one to the bunch, I thought it would be fun for me to document my pregnancy on the blog.  This will mostly be for my own benefit, but hopefully some of you will enjoy it as well. 🙂

My plan is to recap every so often, just to give a little update, post some pictures and document my pregnancy.

It is crazy to me that I am already 18 weeks!  That first trimester did seem to drag a bit with feeling sick, but since then, it has flown by!  I have been feeling great!  I have more of an appetite and much more energy than those first few months.

Week 15 belly shot:

My belly is definitely growing…and my pants don’t fit!  At first, this was definitely hard for me to deal with, but now I feel great!

Week 17 belly shot:

With each doctor’s appointment, we get more and more excited.  Hearing the heartbeat, seeing the ultrasounds and talking about the next few months!

Sleeping the last week or so has already been a little harder.  I can no longer sleep on my stomach, so every time I move, I basically wake up.  I can’t imagine what it will be like in a few months. 🙂

I have been eating similar meal sizes, but seem to snack a bit more now.  My favorites this month have been oatmeal and chocolate milk!

As you’ve seen in my last few posts, I am eating a lot of protein and also making sure to get ample amounts of fats, carbs and other important nutrients.  The baby is growing!

I am almost halfway through! 🙂


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