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an exciting announcement!

That’s right! We’re having a baby! And, we couldn’t be more excited!


Having a food blog makes being pregnant really hard to keep a secret!  Throughout my first trimester I was feeling very nauseous all day long, so eating healthy meals and snacks just didn’t cut it.  Instead, all vegetables and healthy food seemed to make me feel even more nauseous (go figure?!), so I mainly stuck with plain, bland foods like bread, pasta and cereal.  Boring, I know, but at that point it was all I wanted.

There was no way that I could post about that without everyone knowing that something was up!  Cereal for breakfast, toast for lunch and pasta for dinner…

At first, I was worried about the lack of nutrients that I was consuming, but I was reassured that during your first trimester, you just eat what you can.  The baby is so small that they don’t need much at this point anyways.

Now that I am in my second trimester (yay!), I am feeling great.  I have started to exercise again and am eating more and more like my normal self.  Each week seems to be better and better and it is becoming more and more exciting that we are expecting a little one on March 26, 2011! 🙂

Now that it is finally out in the open in the blog world, I can’t wait to write about my eating and exercising during pregnancy.  I am trying to stick with my normal routine of eating real food and working out, but I definitely give in more to snacks and desserts and have been much better at listening to my body to give it the rest it needs.  I haven’t noticed any weird cravings yet, but I’m sure those come with the territory.

Thanks for letting me share our next adventure with you! 🙂