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the maxwell house hotel – seattle, wa

During the second part of our trip to Seattle, WA, we stayed in a fun and modern hotel right in Seattle Center.

The hotel is definitely worth mentioning because I loved the atmosphere so much!

The Maxwell House Hotel

The hotel ‘symbol’ was a pineapple!  Did you know that pineapples are seen as a welcome symbol?  That is why some people have a pineapple door knocker or place a pineapple sculpture above their doorways.

Anyways, we checked in.

And, they had pineapple cupcakes and coffee waiting upon arrival!

We headed up to our room, to find these carpets by the elevators.

So fun!

Inside our room was very funky and modern as well.



I loved the colors!


The hotel was located on Roy Street, which is one block from Seattle Center and a few blocks from Queen Anne.  It was a great location.  Perfect to walk down to the water in the morning, and perfect to take the Monorail home at night!