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tilth & the troll- seattle, wa

For our last night in Seattle, we celebrated our 2-year anniversary!  It was more exciting to try a new restaurant while away, so we got a few recommendations and headed to Tilth in a neighborhood of Seattle – Wallingford.

Tilth is set in an adorable little house right on the main street of the neighborhood.

The goal at Tilth is to serve all local and organic ingredients to their customers.  And, they did a phenomenal job!  This was by far our favorite meal on our vacation (with Farm to Fork coming in a very close 2nd for me. :)).

Everything was local and organic!  I loved it!

The food was so fresh everywhere that we ate in the Pacific Northwest, that honestly, it is hard to come back to the East Coast and be excited about a dinner menu!  Time for a lot of cooking in my own kitchen. 🙂

Anyways, back to our dinner…I won’t describe each course because they were all the best I have ever had!  So, just remember that when you see the pictures.

They started us with a cold carrot soup, compliments of the chef.

Next up, we split two appetizers:

Chilled Billy’s Gardens Tomato Soup  basil/grilled cheese sandwich/heirloom tomato

Full Circle Farm lettuces  lemon cucumber/rogue river blue cheese/ mustard vinaigrette

For my entree, I decided on a homemade pasta.

House Made Pappardelle  fava bean/walla walla onion/sous vide egg

Brant ordered a beef special for his entree, which I forgot to photograph!

On to dessert:

White Corn Crème Brulée with candied bacon

Yes, you saw that right – candied bacon!

This meal was unbelievable!  It was the perfect place for an anniversary dinner.  The atmosphere was wonderful, the meal was delicious and the service was superb.  It you are ever in Seattle, definitely try it out.  You will not be disappointed, I promise.

Before dinner, we checked out the Fremont Troll who lives under the bridge.

He is crushing a real VW Bug!  That’s how big he is!


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