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happy 2nd anniversary to us!

It is really hard to believe that two years have passed since our wedding day!  It seems so far away, yet so close at the same time.  So many wonderful things have happened in the past 2 years!

[I am taking a break from my vacation posts, to show you some pictures from our wedding day!  But, I have a lot more to fill you in on from vacation, so expect some more fun posts this week!]

September 13, 2008…2 years ago today

I was wearing a white dress…

…and carrying a bouquet.

I was getting ready with my mom and girlfriends.

Brant and I were seeing each other for the first time that day.

I was walking down the aisle with my dad to meet Brant and say “I-Do”!

We were celebrating as Mr. & Mrs.

We were attending our fabulous reception and realizing that all of the details turned out exactly how we had planned it (with a lot of help from our families!).

We had our closest family and friends by our side.

We were listening to our best friends toasting to us.

We were being goofy in our photo booth.

We were cutting our cake.

We were dancing our first dance as husband and wife (which we had practiced for many weeks!).

Most importantly…

We were spending time with each other.

We were spending time with all of the people we love.

We were having the time of our lives!

(and we were eating milk & cookies as a midnight snack!)

Our wedding day was the best day I could have hoped for!  I got to share the whole day with my best friend and everyone who loves and cares about us.  It could not have been any better!

Two years ago was long before I started writing this blog, so I hope you enjoyed this little recap of one of the best days of our lives!  Enjoy!


seattle center & the triple door – seattle, wa

Before heading back to Seattle on Thursday, we made a pit stop at a farm stand to pick up some local Oregon hazelnuts and prunes.

Did you know that over 90% of hazelnuts are grown in Oregon?  I had no idea!  But, once I saw them on every menu, I knew that I have to bring some home.

Back in Seattle, we opted to stay in a different area for this half of our stay – Seattle Center.  After being in the car for 3+ hours, we needed a walk!  So, we walked around the center, which is home of the Space Needle, Monorail and Fountain built for the World’s Fair in 1962 (?).

Walking around Seattle Center reminds me of a carnival!  There are carnival games, like skiball.  There are video games.  There are popcorn carts.

And, there is the Space Needle, which is actually pretty cool!

That night, we headed to The Triple Door for dinner and a concert.  The Triple Door is a fun music venue that serves food from Wild Ginger upstairs, a delicious Seattle restaurant.

The tables are big booths that you can relax in while you eat, drink and watch the concert.

We decided on 3 plates to share – Orange Chicken, Seven Spice Beef and Vegetable Pad Thai.

The show was very fun!  I loved eating dinner while watching a concert.

We jumped on the Monorail to get back to Seattle Center after the show.

We walked back to the hotel with a view of the Space Needle at night!