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elysian, poppy & hotel andra – seattle, wa

Sunday was definitely our busiest day of vacation!  We packed so many things in.

In the afternoon, we headed over to the Capital Hill district for happy hour and dinner.  We hit up the Elysian Brewpub on the Pike/Pine Corridor for Brant to try some Seattle brews.  He was in heaven!

Brewpubs are huge here in Seattle (and in Portland, OR).  Multiple smaller breweries have restaurants/bars where you can try their beers and order food.  Its great!

There were a lot of beers to try.

After happy hour, we headed further into the Capital Hill area to meet some friends for dinner at Poppy!  I heard about this restaurant from another friend and knew that I had to try it when we were in Seattle.  It’s quite the place!

Poppy has a very cool way of serving their meals.  They serve a daily Thali, which means “plate” in Hindi.  A thali is a selection of different dishes, usually served in small bowls on a round tray. (Source)

They offer a variety of thali’s each day, including one with seafood, one with meat, and one vegetarian.  The main dish is a bit larger which is served with about 7 smaller complimentary dishes.

Sample menu from the website:

Personally, I love this idea of the small plates!  It is kind of like tapas, except that they chose the complimentary items for you.  I tried a vegetarian version of the thali with some delicious items.

Clockwise from the top:

Chard handkerchief pasta with walla wallas, sage and hazelnut; Melon-anise hyssop pickle; Radish, grilled spring onion and purslane salad; Broccoli rabe with spices; Corn soup with lemon basil; Roasted beets and huckleberries with lemon thyme; Nigella-poppy naan

All in all, this was great!  My favorites were the pasta, corn soup, purslane salad and naan!  I would definitely go back there!

After dinner, we headed for some dessert at Molly Moons, a homemade ice cream shop.

Then for drinks.  Thanks for a great evening, Hannah & Drew!!


For our first 2 nights in Seattle, we stayed at Hotel Andra – a funky boutique hotel in downtown Seattle.  The decor was definitely modern, but with a clean vibe.

They had a great lobby with a nice restaurant/bar/lounge that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It was a great hotel and very close to downtown and Pike Place Market!


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  1. Great to know about that hotel! Thanks!

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