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Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point started the movement Operation Beautiful, which is dedicated to ending ‘Fat-Talk’.

She spreads the word by posting post-it notes of inspiring phrases all over – on bathroom mirrors, in the grocery aisle, in dressing rooms, anywhere a person would look.  Hundreds of people have joined the movement and started following in Caitlin’s footsteps to end the fat-talk that so many girls (and guys) know about.

Caitlin came up with this wonderful idea to make people feel confident in themselves and their bodies.  She suggests that people post messages anywhere they can with words of advice and confidence for other people to see!  For example, on a mannequin in Lululemon it said, “Love your thighs!”.  There is so much pressure today for girls to be thin, so much so that it makes us crazy!  It is so important to be healthy and comfortable with who you are!  You can read all about Caitlin’s ideas behind Operation Beautiful here!  I love that Lululemon is being a part of this.  They had post-it notes at the front desk and told you to write something down.  There were notes everywhere, on mannequins, in the fitting rooms, on shirts – awesome!

This week kicks off Operation Beautiful’s book debut, so Caitlin is hosting a virtual book tour.  I really believe in this movement, so I just wanted to post a little something about the subject.  I hope you enjoy.

So many people, women especially, are too hard on themselves and their weight.  I was one of them.  I was overweight for the majority of my teens and early twenties and I really didn’t like myself or my body.  No one ever said anything directly to me, but I knew what people were thinking when I stepped out on the deck for my swim meets in high school.  I was so self-conscious.

This continued throughout college as well.  You can read my story here.

After college, something about me changed.  I was determined to lose weight and get fit.  I wanted to be the athlete that I never was.  I wanted to be happy with myself.

I started eating healthy, running and loving life.  I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes when I initially started, but over the past five years I worked my way up to running a marathon.  And, loved it so much that I ran another! 

Running makes me feel free.  Getting stronger boosts my confidence.  Eating healthy makes me feel great!

I may not be a size 2 or be the fastest runner or even be the healthiest eater, but I am happy with myself.  I look in the mirror on most days and feel good about myself.  I try not to compare myself to others (even though I do find myself doing it every so often!).  I am me.  And, I love me!

A few months ago, I was shopping in Lululemon and found myself in the dressing room looking at an Operation Beautiful note!

I was trying on a tank top and looked in the mirror and thought to myself, ‘I wish my stomach was tighter.’  Then, I looked at the note again and read it over to myself a few times and I instantly felt better.  If I wear the shirt with confidence, then I look good!

These notes really change the way that people think.  It is so important to teach girls, and boys, at a young age to be confident in yourself and to love yourself.  You are you and should not compare yourself to anyone else.  We are all unique in our own ways!

Help Caitlin and Operation Beautiful out by posting notes.  They really do help to brighten someone’s day!


4 Responses

  1. Fantastic post!!

  2. You are truely inspirational Jen! So many times when I read your blog I am amazed at how strong, determined and amazying you are! Thank you for always uplifting my day. Plus it is always good to hear about you through this becuase I miss yoU!

  3. This is one of the best Operation Beautiful notes that I’ve read 🙂

  4. I am so lucky, my daughter introduced me to the book and web site. She is so smart and beautiful! What a gift!!! I am taking my stickie notes with me and will encourage myself and others every day. Thanks Aubrea for introducing me to Caitlin and all the other wonderful women who are so beautiful

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