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prana & boomi bars

I am headed up to Maine this morning for a fun girls weekend on the lake!  While I am away, I wanted to leave you with a product review.  Enjoy!


I received a very generous sampling from Divine Foods a few months ago and have been working my way through their line of Prana and Boomi bars.

I was sent their line of Prana Bars, Super Charger Prana Bars and Boomi Bars to try out.

[Disclaimer: I did receive these products for free, however, the review is my honest opinion.  If I did not like the products, I would tell you!  I only accept samples of items that I know I will like and that fit into my eating plan.]

All of their bars are made with organic, simple, easy to pronounce ingredients, which excites me right away.  For example, the Pear Ginseng Prana Bar contains the following ingredients: Organic Agave Nectar, Organic Date Paste, Organic Almond Butter, Organic Almonds, Organic Pears, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Puffed Amaranth, Organic Ginseng, Sea Salt.

Not too shabby!

Prana Bars have a very smooth texture.  Like Larabars, they are made from a base of dates, but they also contain puffed amaranth, which gives it a different (and great!) texture from a Larabar.

My favorites are below.  I really enjoyed these bars.  The flavors are so interesting and they all really worked together!  I was very impressed.

Super Charger Prana Bars have the same texture as the Prana bars (above), but contain some ‘superfoods’, such as goji berries and maca, which make them super!  I loved all 4 of these flavors and really cannot decide which I liked best, although the Blueberry Coconut was awesome!

Boomi Bars were my favorite of all of the bars due to the texture.  They were chunkier than the Prana bars which I enjoyed.  I like chunks of nuts and fruit throughout, which these definitely had.  In addition to the amaranth, these bars also contain crisp rice which definitely makes the texture.  Normally, I try to stay away from white rice, but in a product like this that I am not going to eat every single day, it is okay with me.  Plus, it makes the bar!

I had a really hard time deciding on favorites because tha majority of flavors were great!

Overall, I really liked all of the Prana and Boomi Bars that I tried.  I would definitely buy these products when I was in need of a snack and would use them as just that – a snack.  Their website says that they can be used as meal replacements, but I don’t agree.  They don’t have nearly enough fat, calories or protein for a meal.