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north fork – croteaux vineyard & greenport brewing co.

We stopped at a few other tastings on Saturday afternoon as well.  The first being Croteaux Vineyards.

We have been to this vineyard before and I love the atmosphere.  They only make rose wines, but they do a great job with them.  Plus, they have the cutest seating area.

And, an inside area with the coolest wall of empty bottles!

We each had a tasting of their 3 rose wines plus 1 sparkling wine.

And, some of their homemade Sangria made with the #3 wine.

After a bit of relaxing, Brant and I hit up the Greenport Brewing Company before dinner.

The tasting area is definitely small, but their beer was pretty tasty!

We tried their 4 brews and then headed on our way with a growler full of their IPA and some tasting cups!

We had a great day!  I highly recommened both of these places to stop at if you are in the area.


2 Responses

  1. Hey… I know that red and orange fabric that the bench pillows are made out of quite well! 😉

  2. That Sangria looks so yummy, and that picture of Brant is too funny! 🙂

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