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allandale farm csa, week 5

Another week, another CSA pickup at Allandale Farm!

So much fun stuff this week…I hope that this continues every week!

Cauliflower – not as yellow this time.

Spring Onions – these are onions that have developed a bulb, but not the tough skin that allows onions to be stored for longer periods.  They need to be used fresh and the tops can be used as scallions.  I am hoping to use some of these in a stirfry this week.



Lettuce – another huge head of lettuce!  It is so delicious.

Beets!!  I can’t wait to use the beet greens again.  They were delicious last week.


Sugar Snap Peas



Romanesco – this is something completely new to me, and I am psyched!  Apparently, romanesco is a cross between broccoli and cauliflower and originated in Italy.  It is bright green with fractal spirals and is somewhat of a vegetable mathematical miracle.  I have heard that the best way to eat romanesco is with pasta (as the Italians do), so look out for a fun recipe in the coming days. 🙂

The romanesco is much smaller than a large head of cabbage or broccoli.

Another fun week!


4 Responses

  1. I love your CSA updates! My shipment is Saturday and I’m already excited like a kid at Christmas 😀
    The romanesco looks like some sort of alien food/undersea creature. That said, I would totally nibble it.

  2. yumm summer basil!

  3. Awesome! Okay you gotta teach me secret to fennel. I can’t stand it because it tastes like black licorice to me. HELP!

    • It tastes like black licorice to me too! I love black licorice! I will do some digging for recipes for you, but I think you might be out of luck. 😦

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