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do you recycle your #5’s?

Just a few more hours until the start of a 3 day weekend!  Does anyone have fun plans for the long weekend?

I was craving something cool for breakfast, but didn’t want to clean the blender, so I opted for a yogurt bowl.

Filled with:

  • Trader Joe’s Organic Honey Greek Yogurt (I did not really like this…)
  • ground flaxseeds stirred into the yogurt
  • 1 medium banana, sliced
  • 1 small champagne mango
  • raw granola from One Lucky Duck
  • small blob of chocolate peanut butter from Whole Foods

This was great!  (Besides not loving the yogurt. :))

I was running a bit late this morning, so I decided to take my breakfast to-go and eat it at work.  Much better than stuffing it in my face to get out the door quickly!

I packed up my yogurt bowl in my new preserve bowl.

Do you know what this bowl is made of?

Recycled yogurt containers!

Stonyfield partnered with Preserve to make sure that their yogurt containers were being reused.  They created the Gimme 5 program (with Brita) to create a recycling solution for yogurt cups and other #5 plastic containers that many cities and towns will not recycle.  The plastic containers are given a second life and come back as something just as fun – toothbrushes, razors, cutting boards and storage bowls!

To participate in the program, save all of your #5 plastics (the number will be on the bottom of the container) and pitch them in a Gimme 5 bin while at your local grocery store (I have seen them at Whole Foods).

The containers will be collected and made into other materials that you can purchase.  They take the plastic, sort it, clean it, test it, recycle it, and turn it into new Preserve products!  Check out more about their process here.

I received a few of the Stonyfield containers in New York when I stumbled upon a Green Festival and I use them all the time.

After that, I researched more about the program because it was so intriguing to me!  Another great thing for me, they are produced in the USA reducing the carbon footprint and their office is right outside of Boston. 🙂

All of their kitchen ware is BPA free and dishwasher safe!

I am embarrassed about the number of yogurt containers that I have saved over the past 2 months, but at least when I drop them in that bin at Whole Foods, I know that they are being used for something good!  Recently, I have started buying the larger containers to reduce the amount I buy.

(Disclaimer: I am not being paid or endorsed by this program, I just want to let everyone know about it because I love the idea so much!)

Anyways, on to lunch!

I packed up some leftover Honey Bean Salad and wrapped it in a whole wheat wrap with lettuce.

It tasted great this way!

We are in the home stretch…Have a great weekend!