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beets, beets, beets!

This morning, I hopped out of bed for a 5 mile run around Southie.  It was a crisp, cool morning and was absolutely perfect for a run!

After my run, I whipped up a huge smoothie to take with me to work.

Then, ate my leftover Honey Bean Salad for lunch along with a yogurt with fresh raspberries.

Tonight, I made a delicious CSA salad for dinner!

It may be one of my best thus far!  I love salads, but boy can they get boring.  It is important (especially for me – I get bored easily!) to change up your ingredients so that you body gets a variety of nutrients, but also so that you keep it interesting.

Tonight’s start ingredient?


I started with a base of green leaf lettuce dressed in my new favorite (homemade) honey balsamic dressing and added the following:

  • slightly steamed CSA beet greens, washed and chopped
  • chopped CSA carrots
  • spiralized CSA beets
  • toasted pecans
  • shredded goat gouda

Holy Moly!  This was good!

I washed, dried and chopped these beet greens before steaming them for a few minutes.

They mixed well with the green leaf lettuce and gave it a little more flavor.  The flavors in this salad really worked well together – yum!

Served along with some cheese tortellini and tomato sauce.