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donut peaches & apple sandwiches

Lunch was packed in about 2 seconds today.

I pulled out the last container of the Sprouted Quinoa salad leftovers, a yogurt and some peaches.

The salad was just ok today.  The avocado, apricots and strawberries were a little mushy, but nothing I coulnd’t handle.  The flavors had really absorbed as well.  I am not a waster, so I picked my way through and ate mostly the fruit and quinoa and dumped the rest.

This yogurt is full fat and tastes amazing. 🙂  Full of apricot and mango chunks!

It has more sugar than I would like, but I normally eat plain yogurt, so a little sugar isn’t going to kill me!

(ps…try freezing this yogurt for an hour or so and enjoy a rich, creamy frozen yogurt in place of dessert!)

Have you ever seen a peach look like this before?

That, my friends, is a donut peach!  Otherwise known as a saturn peach or saucer peach due to it’s resemblance.

It may look like a donut, but it sure doesn’t taste like a donut!

These donut peaches are actually delicious.  They have very very fine fuzz on the skin and are extremely sweet and juicy.  They remind me more of the look of a nectarine or white peach because the skin and flesh is mostly white.


And, you get the faintest hint of almond flavor at the end.

I love trying new fruits and veggies.  It keeps it interesting. 🙂

I scarfed down this granola bar before my quick 3 mile run tonight (in 27 minutes).

They are the best granola bars!

Then, made a super quick dinner before heading out.

An Apple & Goat Cheddar Sandwich on Chipotle Black Bean Bread.

I sliced up the apple really thin, cut small strips of goat cheddar cheese, spread some dijon mustard onto the bread and drizzled everything with honey!  Then, grilled the sandwich until the cheese was melted.

Served along with another salad.  A mix of red leaf CSA lettuce, radishes, jicama, a few pumpkin seeds, rosemary marcona almonds and raisins.  Once again, the greens were mixed with balsamic honey and olive oil.

I learned a new trick yesterday from Emily at The Front Burner.  Chop up your raisins so that you can spread them around your salad more without all of the added calories.  You get a raisin in every bite!

The sandwich combination was awesome!  Sweet and spicy.  I loved it.  With a few tiny pickles.



cherry softserve

Remember a few months ago when I posted about Gena’s uneblievable Banana Softserve?  Well, I was reading a few blogs the other day and came across Angela’s Cherry Banana Softserve!  I love bananas and I love cherries, so this is like a match made in heaven.

I searched high and low for frozen cherries at every grocery store around.  Why doesn’t anyone have frozen cherries?!  I have found them in the past, but yesterday I needed cherries, so I bought a bag of organic cherries and froze my own.

I don’t have a cherry pitter, so figuring out the best (and quickest) way to pit an entire bag of cherries was interesting.  I started cutting them in have and scooping out the pit, but that took forever, so I resorted to the fondue skewer. 🙂

It worked perfectly and quickly.  In no time I had a bag of cherries to freeze and enjoy this morning.

This morning, I added 1 frozen banana and 6 frozen cherries to my food processor.

No more than two minutes later, I had this!

Oh my goodness.

Cherry banana softserve is delicious, but it is by no means a meal.  So, I needed to add some protein and carbs to this breakfast.

I took out a serving of my pre-cooked steel cut oats from the fridge and stirred in a little milk and amazing grass chocolate protein powder.  Then, I layered the oats and softserve to create a parfait.

I snuck a layer of strawberries in their too.  And, topped the parfait with more strawberries and raw cacao nibs.

This may look like a fancy breakfast, but start to finish it only took 5 minutes to make.  While the softserve was being created, I mixed up the pre-cooked oats, then layered.  Viola!

This way the best way to start a Thursday. 🙂