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mint mojito iced tea

This stuff is good!

Awhile back I was in New York City and tried a Mojito Iced Tea.  It was so good, that I wanted to recreate it at home.  So, this morning I did just that.

I boiled some water in my kettle and added it to my mint tea (I used a peppermint/spearmint mix that I purchased from a tea shop, but mint leaves would work as well!).

I wanted the tea to be really minty, so I added 3 tsp of tea leaves for every 1 cup of water.  When making iced tea, you want to brew your tea twice as strong as you would hot tea.  I added 9 tsp of tea leaves to my container and 3 cups of almost boiling water for brewing.

I also added 4 tsp of honey for sweetness.  I just wanted to add a hint of sweetness to the tea.  More sweetener can always be added later, but you don’t want to much!

I let this sit for 7 minutes to allow enough steeping time.

While my tea was steeping, I cut up 4 limes.  I juiced 2 and left the other 2 in tact.

After 7 minutes, I strained the tea into another container.

Add the limes and lime juice and fill the container to the top with freshly filtered water.

Then, serve immediately over ice, or place the container in the fridge to cool.

There you have it!  Freshly brewed mint mojito tea for a summery day.


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  1. i can’t wait to make this! also, i have the same honey as you, only mine is the lavender variety. i got it at the SoWa market 🙂

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