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mint mojito iced tea

This stuff is good!

Awhile back I was in New York City and tried a Mojito Iced Tea.  It was so good, that I wanted to recreate it at home.  So, this morning I did just that.

I boiled some water in my kettle and added it to my mint tea (I used a peppermint/spearmint mix that I purchased from a tea shop, but mint leaves would work as well!).

I wanted the tea to be really minty, so I added 3 tsp of tea leaves for every 1 cup of water.  When making iced tea, you want to brew your tea twice as strong as you would hot tea.  I added 9 tsp of tea leaves to my container and 3 cups of almost boiling water for brewing.

I also added 4 tsp of honey for sweetness.  I just wanted to add a hint of sweetness to the tea.  More sweetener can always be added later, but you don’t want to much!

I let this sit for 7 minutes to allow enough steeping time.

While my tea was steeping, I cut up 4 limes.  I juiced 2 and left the other 2 in tact.

After 7 minutes, I strained the tea into another container.

Add the limes and lime juice and fill the container to the top with freshly filtered water.

Then, serve immediately over ice, or place the container in the fridge to cool.

There you have it!  Freshly brewed mint mojito tea for a summery day.


cabbage pizza

I woke up this morning earlier than I had wanted.  You see, I had this plan to sleep in.  Well, I don’t do sleeping in, so when the sun was up, so was I!

Once I was up, I knew I had to start the morning off on the right foot, so I made Brant and I a treat for breakfast – Pancakes!  Not just any pancakes, though.  These were souped up Banana Almond Oatmeal Pancakes.  And, they were yummy.

I followed the recipe exactly from Fitsugar (see recipe here).  Her recipe makes 12 smaller pancakes, but I like my pancakes thick and filling, so I made the pancakes twice as thick.

I am not a big pancake or waffle eater because I always find that they keep me full for about 10 minutes…there is not much substance or protein in a plain pancake, so it makes sense.  However, two of these pancakes with toppings kept me pretty full for the majority of the morning.  It must have been the oatmeal.

They were fluffy, but dense, so if you like light and fluffy pancakes, these definitely aren’t for you.  I topped my pancakes with a little greek yogurt, banana, chopped almonds and maple sugar.

Next time I would add more banana and cinnamon to the batter!

For lunch, I wanted to do something with the cabbage from our CSA, so I searched for a recipe.  I found the perfect recipe for Japanese Pizza on 101cookbooks.com (see recipe here).  I love pizza and this seemed like a really easy and healthy alternative.

I made sure to wash and dry my cabbage thoroughly, since it came straight from the farm.

The recipe called for shredded cabbage, but I was too impatient to chop it all, so I threw it in my food processor.  It was more grated than shredded, but it worked!

I doubled the recipe to make individual pizza’s for Brant and I, which was a perfect amount (I only ate 1/2 of one).  Once the ingredients are all mixed together, you cook the pizza in a pan on the stove.

Flipping the pizza was easier than I thought.  After cooking the pizza for 4-5 minutes on one side, it was time to flip.  I slid the pizza out onto a plate, put another plate on top and flipped!  Then, slide back into the pan to continue to cook.

Once done, I garnished with almonds and cut it up on the cutting board.

Then, served with a few dipping sauces…guacamole hummus and tomato paste.

It was really, really good!  The pizza itself did not have too much flavor, but it is so basic that you could add anything that your heart desires.  The dippers provided more than enough flavor for me, but I like plain things. 🙂

For a lunch dessert, I broke open some chocolate bars that I bought yesterday.  Endangered Species chocolate started selling some new organic dark chocolate, so I picked up one in each flavor.

How good do they sound?!  Of course, I tried a little of each.

It was tough to pick a favorite, but I really liked the Dark Chocolate with Goji Berry, Pecans and Maca!

Have a great Saturday!