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return of the smoothie

I feel so free today!  No studying for me!

TGIF.  Even though I had Monday off, this week seemed to d-r-a-g…

I started off my morning with something that I know you all have missed the past week – a SMOOTHIE!

I know my neighbors missed my noisy blender at 6:30am too. 🙂  Sorry, neighbors – someday I will have a VitaMix that will whip my smoothie up in a matter of seconds…instead of 20 minutes…

This morning, my smoothie contained:

  • 3/4 scoop chocolate vega
  • 1 scant cup almond milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 tbsp raw pepitas
  • 1 tsp maca

Topped with the last of my Chocolate Kaia Granola, this was tasty!  (ps…I spotted Kaia products at Whole Foods today!!)

Lunch was my simple version of rice and beans!

CSA greens, leftover quinoa from last night, black beans and hot salsa!  And, a side of Rosemary Quackers from One Lucky Duck.

Along with some of my favorite yogurt and strawberries.  I will be sad when this yogurt is gone.  I think the key to me trying to replicate it is using whole milk instead of 1%…I will try this weekend (maybe with 2%…).

And, for a snack, I treated myself to a cookie…and this juice.

We headed to a BBQ tonight where I had a great BBQ dinner!

A veggie burger with ketchup, mustard and a pickle.

Along with an amazing bean salad and pasta salad.

The bean salad apparently had 4 types of beans, avocado and onion.

It was awesome!


certified personal trainer

**I tried to post this last night, but WordPress was not cooperating**

Sometime in January, I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer, so I sought out a great program and signed up.  I did not tell many people about this, but I have spent the past 4 months learning, taking workshops, and studying all about the body and its components.  It is a lot of information, but it is all stuff that a trainer need’s to know!  I really enjoyed everything that I learned in the class and the workshop, especially the information on weight lifting and nutrition.

This morning, after a crazy 2 weeks of studying non-stop, I passed my exam!  So, I am officially a Certified Personal Trainer!  Yahoo!

I hope to give you guys some workout tips every now and then from here on out!

Before my exam, my wonderful husband made me some delicious brain food for breakfast – 2 eggs on toast.

They were delicious!  A meal always tastes better when someone else makes it for you. 🙂

Right before the test, I snacked on a banana.  Then took a 2 hour exam (that I passed!!!) and came home to lunch.

A salad with CSA greens, black beans, salsa and sweet potato gnocchi dressed with a little olive oil, pear infused vinegar, salt and pepper.

It was really good!  Maybe because I was starving…

I also had some farmers market yogurt with strawberries and dark chocolate mixed in.

I was in need of a good post-exam treat…and this is the best I could come up with at home!

I snacked on some dried strawberries and raspberries mid afternoon.

When I got home from work, I didn’t know what to do with myself – I didn’t have to study!  Instead, I got to work in the kitchen and made some quinoa for dinner.

I cooked the quinoa in 1/2 water, 1/2 veggie broth to give it some flavor, then stirred in some dried thyme, basil, salt and pepper.  While that was cooking, I chopped and rinsed our CSA spinach and added it to a saute pan with a tiny bit of olive oil, balsamic and honey to wilt just a tad.

The spinach was so fresh, that I didn’t want to lose it’s flavor by wilting it too much!  I served the quinoa on top of the bed of spinach with local tomatoes, feta and oregano.  Along with a slice of seeded bread from Saratoga.

Just what I wanted for dinner on a rainy night.

What a day!!! 🙂