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car hits bike

Yesterday was another gorgeous day, so we decided to head out to the Minuteman trail for a good bike ride.

For my fuel, I made up a big smoothie to take with me.

This needed to fuel me through 22 miles of cycling, so I went heavy on the mix-ins:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen spinach
  • 3 tbsp hemp protein powder
  • 1 tsp maca
  • 2 tbsp cacao
  • 1 scoop chocolate amazing grass
  • 1 cup plain Stonyfield yogurt
  • 1 cup water

It was good and filling!  Just what I wanted.

We took Benny for our last walk…he headed to his grandparents today for the week. 🙂

I think he’ll miss us!

Then, we headed out to bike.  As usual, it was a gorgeous ride through Arlington, Lexington and Bedford.  But…it was cut a little short due to my run in with a car…

YUP!  I got hit by a car?!?!?!  But, I am okay!  The driver was stopped at a stop sign, but apparently started going as I was crossing the street.  Luckily, the car was going slowly.  When he hit me, I smashed onto the ground, but didn’t go flying or anything.  And, I walked away with some scrapes, bumps, bruises…

…and, some dented handlebars.

I think the car had more damage than my bike or I did.  Phew!

The scariest part was seeing the whole thing happen.  I slowed down before I crossed the street and the car was stopped waiting for other bikers to pass!  But, somehow he missed seeing me!  Bummer.  Luckily, I am ok!  And, was able to ride the 5 miles back to our car.

After we made it to the car, I was starving from the whole ordeal.  I snacked on a Raw Granola Bar that I had picked up at One Lucky Duck in NYC.

Honey Bunches Barorganic almonds, organic oats, organic buckwheat, organic blueberries, organic nutmeg, organic vanilla extract, organic raw honey, Himalayan crystal salt.

This was hands-down one of the best granola bars I have ever had!  Crunchy with just a hint of sweetness.  I loved the blueberries.

Then, we made a stop at Wilson Farm in Lexington where I stated feeling the soreness kick in.

We picked up lots of delicious produce including corn, broccoli, romaine, peppers, tomatoes, green beans, apples, mangoes and fiddleheads!  Can’t wait for some more exciting meals this week.

I am feeling very sore this morning, but am just so relieved that I didn’t end up with any broken bones!  What a Sunday.


7 Responses

  1. poor you, those cuts look painful, thank god you were not seriously injured 🙂

  2. My husband had a recent bike injury too when another biker was coming down the hill full speed on the wrong side of the trail and didnt pull over when he saw Mark coming up. We ended up in urgent care that day because he thought his arm may have been broken but fortunately it was not. Either way bike injuries are scary especially when they involve a car! Glad you’re ok!!

  3. oh no!! I am glad you are okay!! cars can definitely be dangerous- I am glad the car was not going very fast!

  4. I am SO glad you are OK!!! Give yourself a little extra TLC!

  5. woah! frozen spinach! I think I have to do that. I can imagine it making the smoothie that much more ice-cream frozen like. I wonder if I could just put a handful of fresh in a bag then to the freezer? I shall try. Gracias!

  6. […] bike around the city – there are a lot of stop lights and a lot of cars (and we all remember my run in with the car, right?!).  But, we survived and completed about 10 miles in 45 […]

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