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Another beautiful day here in Boston!  Sunny, warm and very windy!

I started my day with a huge fresh-squeezed juice to take with me on my morning walk with Benny.  Benny’s parents come home tomorrow!  We’ll miss the little guy…but, not all the dog hair everywhere! 🙂

In the mix were carrots, celery, apple, orange, kiwi, lime and ginger.

Then, I took the crazy dog for a walk.  Trust me, he was crazy this morning!

After our walk, I snacked on 1/2 a homemade Tropical granola bar, then headed out for a run.

I ran around Castle Island in Southie.  I finished 6.5 miles in 60 minutes and felt great!  I guess that 2 week running hiatus didn’t hurt me too too much.

My post-run snack/2nd part of breakfast included a Strawberry-Banana Chobani (my absolute favorite flavor!) mixed with ground flaxseed and topped with the other 1/2 of my tropical granola bar.

With some Chai Tea.

Time to enjoy this beautiful day!


2 Responses

  1. Have a great day! I think after your wonderful pictures of chilli this week, Chilli is going to be on the menu for my family next week 😉

  2. Amazing run! Isn’t the sunshine amazing??

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