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a lost day

Hi blog friends!

Not sure what happened yesterday, but I wasn’t in the blogging mood last night.  Plus, I didn’t really eat any meals, but snacked throughout the day.  I hate days like that because I never feel full!

Anyways, on to today…

For breakfast, I made up a smoothie with some new fruits.  I am feeling more like summertime fruits in this weather, especially peaches and strawberries.

I also found these mini guava’s at Russo’s last weekend.

They are cute and super sweet!

I mixed one with some frozen peaches and strawberries, cottage cheese, a banana and the juice of one orange.

It was very fruity and refreshing.  The guava surprisingly really came through.  It was great.

Topped with some Raspberry Granola.

Lunch was leftover salad from Sunday night, which I bulked up with some fresh greens, an avocado, and a scoop of homemade hummus.

I love how fresh this hummus tastes!

And, for a mid-afternoon snack: strawberries and chocolate covered almonds.



2 Responses

  1. I find sometimes you just need to follow your heart with if you need a night away from the blog. Have a great evening!

  2. YUM! Those strawberries looked awesome!

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