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We didn’t make it for our bike ride this morning…I had a flat tire, and we were very unprepared in that department.  So, we went for a run instead.  The weather was so perfect for running this morning that I couldn’t pass it up.  I went on a 6 mile loop along the water, then picked up Brant for an additional 3!  My legs are spent.  Bike ride tomorrow!

After our run, we wanted to do something fun and be outside for the day because the weather here in Boston is gorgeous!  We decided to head out to the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA for the afternoon.

It is gorgeous there!  I have never been before, but have been wanting to make a visit.  Today was the perfect day for it.

They sell lots of goodies inside!

Our first stop included the tasting room.  It is so reasonable – $4 for 5 small tastes of anything that you want.  We learned that the Nashoba Valley Winery makes wine, beer and lots of spirits!  They have mostly white wines, dessert wines and brandy along with a good selection of beer.

I tasted a variety of wines and spirits, while Brant stuck mainly with the beer.  We shared some sips, and everything was great.  My favorite being the Riesling which was one of the best I have had.  Light, crisp and just a bit fruity.

I tried the Foggy Bog Spirit, which is a Cranberry Brandy.  Surprisingly, I liked it!  The cranberry flavor really came through and did not taste all that much like brandy. 🙂

Other highlights included the Dry Pear Wine and the Raspberry Dessert Wine, which tasted like I was drinking raspberry puree!

After wine, we headed to the Beer Tour, which they only offer once or twice per year.

They offer 4 beers year-round and then offer a few seasonal brews throughout.

Their brewery location is so small compared to other craft breweries in the area.  Everything takes place in this one building, and it is a one man show!  One guy literally brews, bottles and labels all of the beer that they sell.

He walked us through the process and let us sample 4 of the brews.

Bottling Machine

My favorite was their Summer Stout – an oatmeal stout with flavors of chocolate, coffee and vanilla.  Yummy!

After our tasting and tour, we sat out in the field for our picnic lunch!

We packed lots of random stuff since this was a last minute trip.  Pretzels, PB&J, millet patties, dried fruit and nuts, apples and PB!

It was such a fun way to spend our Saturday!  We can’t wait to go back for more picnic’s.


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