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fig jam on toast

I felt like a different breakfast this morning – something that I don’t normally have.  So, I had my husband make me 2 fried eggs with toast!  He had them for breakfast yesterday and I couldn’t stop thinking about them, so why not?!  It was a perfect way to get in my protein after my workout, and try out my freshly made fig jam.

Back up to my workout.  I went for a quick run outside when I got up this morning – 4.15 miles in 33 minutes.  Then, I did a quick weight session.

Quick Upper Body Weights

(3 sets of 12 each, 10 lb weights)

  • Overhead press
  • Chest press on stability ball
  • Triceps dips
  • Triceps extension
  • 21’s
  • Hammer curl
  • Fly’s on bench
  • Front raises

Got to fit in those weights somehow!  They make you strong and lean!

Once home, it was time for breakfast.  My eggs were delicious.  I haven’t had fried eggs in awhile, so this was a nice change of pace.  They tasted so much better than the greasy fried eggs you would get out!

On my two slices of whole grain toast, I spread my fresh fig jam.

I was inspired by Gena for this sweet spread, and just happened to have the ingredients that she called for in her recipe on hand.  Turkish Figs.  Yup, that’s right – just 1 lonely ingredient!

She soaked the figs for a few hours before blending them, so I did the same.  I just used the half bag of Turkish figs that I had left, which was about 14-15 figs.  Make sure to cover the figs with water.

After a few hours, I took out the figs, cut their little stems off, and placed them in my food processor.  Make sure to reserve some of the soaking water – I added 1/4 cup per 14-15 figs for easier blending.  Gena does the same.

Then blend!  This happened very quickly – not even a minute of blending and I had fresh fig jam!

I love figs – the seeds are so sweet.  I made extra so that I could keep this around, but this spread is definitely easy enough to make every time you want fig jam.

This was delicious spread on my toast this morning.  I added a thin smear of cherry jam along with the fig jam.  A winning combination!

Mmmm…good breakfast after a workout!  Eggs & Toast, served with tea and a side of champagne mango – I can’t get enough of these things.

Have a great Sunday!


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  1. Fig jam…perfect! Sounds wonderful!!

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