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late night

Happy Friday!!

It was a late night at work last night, so I got home and scarfed down dinner!

Luckily, my wonderful husband had cooked!  We had our favorite Feisty Green Beans over Quinoa.  See recipe here.

I don’t know what it is, but these are the best green beans I have ever had.  They are sweet and spicy all at the same time.  And, the raisins are great!

After dinner, I had a little coconut ice cream and hit the sack.  I was exhausted!

But, I jumped right out of bed this morning bright and early to fit a workout in.  Ok, so maybe I didn’t jump out of bed.  First, I debated in my head for about 10 minutes if I wanted to get up or not.

Before my workout, I snacked on 1/2 a granola bar – and the other 1/2 after.

Full Body Weight Session

(I did weights at home because I knew the gym would be packed due to the rain!)

  • Overhead press with squats (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • 21s (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • Bicycles (3 sets of 20)
  • Chest press with crunch (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • Deadlift with upright row (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • Static squat with tricep kickback (3 sets of 12 each side – 6 sets of arms total, 10 lbs)
  • Lunge with front & side raises, alternating sides (3 sets of 12 each side, 5 lbs)
  • Hammer curl (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • Triceps extension (3 sets of 12, 10 lbs)
  • Pushups (2 sets of 12)
  • Plank (3 sets for 1 min each)

Then, I ventured out into the rain for an hour long run covering 6.5 miles.  It was chilly, rainy and windy, but I felt like I needed to get a run in today!  I feel better now, even though I am sleepy.

For breakfast, I made some steel cut oats as I was getting ready.  Snacking on the other 1/2 of my granola bar helped me from needing breakfast quickly.

I really love the texture of the steel cut oats.  They definitely taste different than rolled oats, so changing it up is good.

I cooked the oats for about 15 minutes, then stirred in 1 banana, 1 tbsp flaxmeal and 1/2 tbsp chia seeds and cooked for another 5 minutes.

Topped with 1 tbsp raw almond butter, 3/4 tbsp cacao bliss, sprinkle of unsweetened banana chips and coconut.

This was a delicious!  Filled me up and warmed me up on such a dreary day.



2 Responses

  1. I love steel cut oats… like the chewier texture!

  2. Today was definitely an oatmeal day- soo cold and rainy! Yours looks delicious!

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