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I was starving this morning when I woke up!  I guess my body needed more fuel after my run last night, which I couldn’t give it because I was so exhausted.  I slept really well – until my alarm went off.   I feel like I could have slept for hours!

I needed something quicker than oatmeal for breakfast, so I toasted up 2 pieces of Millet bread smeared with raw almond butter, raspberry jam and cacao bliss (I am basically obsessed with anything coconut, especially chocolate and coconut!).

Along with a super sweet and juicy grapefruit – YUM!

And some hot chocolate/coffee (aka. choffee).  I rarely ever drink coffee, but I really felt like some today!

I ended up spending way to much time eating breakfast, reading blogs and other things online this morning and basically ran out of time to pack myself lunch.  This is what happens when I don’t pack lunch at night!!

I grabbed a few things out of my fridge and cabinets and came up with a fairly decent lunch.  No greens today because they weren’t pre-washed for an easy grab-n-go.

It did fill me right up though.  I am seriously craving juicy fruit today – I must be dehydrated.

Greek yogurt, maple granola and chocolate crispies, a banana and a champagne mango!

Greek yogurt does really fill you up because it is so much thicker than regular yogurt.  Love it!  Plus, I was so busy today that I barely noticed that it was lunch time.

I started bringing my own silverware to work – I can’t stand using the plastic stuff everyday.  What a waste!

Once I got home, I started cooking dinner.  I made another Heidi dish tonight from 101Cookbooks.com.  If you haven’t been able to tell, I absolutely love her recipes!  Most of them are simple, and she uses great ingredients.

Tonight on the menu was Ten Minute Tasty Asparagus and Brown Rice.  See the recipe here!  Served along with low & slow sweet potato chunks.

This is the simplest recipe ever!  And, it will literally take 10 minutes if you already have the rice pre-cooked.  I did not, but spent time preparing my lunch for tomorrow as I was waiting for the rice to cook.

Once cooked, you basically dump all of the ingredients into one pot in steps – chickpeas, garlic and onion, asparagus, rice!  So simple.  My favorite part are the chickpeas.  They get browned and a little crunchy.  Yummy.

I added walnuts, instead of almonds and used the rest of the Tangy Tahini Sauce instead of making the suggested dressing.  They are both really similar, so either would work.  I also added the juice of 1 lemon to the rice would just gives it a bit more flavor.

The sweet potatoes were dressed with a spritz of olive oil and a shake of cinnamon.  Then baked for 30 minutes at 350°, 20 minutes at 400°.

Great combination of flavors here!

Dessert was a dessert plate, which I see Katie make up all the time!  I had a sampling of dark chocolate, dark chocolate covered almonds, dried ginger and a fig all dipped in a bit of chocolate almond butter.

It was so fun!  Served with some mint tea.

I think it’s time for some reading in bed.  I’m exhausted!


3 Responses

  1. Great idea, dessert platter!

  2. Oh how I love 101cookbooks! That dish looks divine, and so simple! & the dessert plate looks so wonderful haha.

    Thanks for the email, by the way. Seattle is amazing, especially the troll under the bridge! (perfect spot for running, ’cause there’s a flight of stairs right next to it) and… well… we’re famous for fish? Pike Place Market is a delight, ah – see everything!!

  3. Hooray for another Heidi success! The woman can do no wrong, I swear.

    Glad you liked the dessert plate! I love sampling a lot of different things. I also just sent that mug to my bestie for her birthday!

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