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It was cold and rainy when I woke up this morning.  What happened to our 75 degree weather?!  I miss it!

Due to the weather, I felt like some oats for breakfast.  I wanted something a little different from my normal banana oats with peanut butter, but of course I didn’t think of it until after my banana oats (1/4 cup rolled oats + 1/4 cup oat bran, 1 banana, 1 tbsp ground flax) were cooking, so I just switched up the toppings!

I decided to chop up an apple and throw it in a bowl with a squirt of agave nectar and a few shakes of cinnamon.  I popped it in the microwave for a minute and 30 seconds and it came out smelling and tasting just liked a baked apple – yum!  This would be perfect for a mid-morning or afternoon snack!

Once my banana oats were cooked, I topped it with my apple topping and some toasted pecans to get Baked Apple Oatmeal!

It was so delicious and perfect for a snowy/rainy morning!  I might have to replicate tomorrow. 🙂

I met my Mom for some shopping at the new Nordstroms at South Shore Plaza at lunch time today, so I ate lunch on the later side.  Nordstroms was packed, but it is such a great store!

Lunch included a salad for which I literally tossed random items into my lunch bag this morning!

Lots of good random stuff though!  Who knows how long that can of tuna has been in my cabinet – but, the expiration date was still good. 🙂

My salad contained red leaf lettuce, 1 can of tuna, raisins, salty pepper somersaults and spinach & artichoke hummus.

It was surprisingly delicious!  The Salty Pepper Somersaults were a great addition.

The Somersault Snack Company aims to bring you unexpected pleasure and a moment of mindful munching combined with a delectable blend of spice and absolutely nothing artificial.  Their snacks are made with toasted grains, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and a sprinkle of spices which are then baked into nuggets for snacking.  They have 4 different flavors for which they flavor using wholesome ingredients, which you can read about here.

A few weeks ago, they sent me 3 of their flavors to sample for a review.  I had never tried Somersaults before, but was intrigued by the concept of these little nuggets.  I am happy to say that they are cruncy and delicious!  I was able to try the Sea Salt, Salty Pepper and Chez Cocoa.  I tried them plain, mixed in with yogurt and as salad toppers.  They were perfect each way.

The Sea Salt was my favorite flavor.  It had just a hint of sea salt and were best eaten on their own as a snack.

The Salty Pepper was next on my list.  I loved the hint of spice from the pepper, but these contain a little garlic, which kind of lingered.  Still super crunchy and delicous, though!

My least favorite was the Chez Cocoa.  When I received my package of samples, I immediately tore into these ones because they are chocolate!  They were good and flavorful and crunchy, but I was expecting and wanting more chocolate flavor.  I did still like them and loved them mixed into my chocolate yogurt, but the flavor was just a little off.  I’d stick with the Sea Salt anyday!

Overall, these were great healthy snacks.  They come in smaller pouches as well, which would be perfect to through in your purse, car or gym back when you need a quick snack.  Each serving contains about 150 calories, 8 grams of fat, 14 grams of carbs and 7 grams of fiber and wholesome ingredients, so it would be a good pre-workout snack!  You can purchase them from their website, or from Amazon.  I have also seen them at Peet’s Coffee & Tea!  Next time I am there, I will definitely be trying the new Santa Fe Salsa flavor.  Thanks for letting me try these out, Somersaults!!

I feel a mid-afternoon snack time coming on – maybe some tea and a big juicy grapefruit I brought with me.  Have a great Friday!


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