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new york city

I thought that I posted this on Saturday night, but apparently I never hit publish!  Enjoy :).

We spent the whole day walking around NYC!  It was 75°F and sunny, I loved every minute of our day.  We started the day with some breakfast at home.

Then we walked over to pick up my race packet.

Then, the fun started!  We went to Chelsea Market to check out One Lucky Duck.  Chelsea Market is a really cool old builing that was converted into tons of little shops and restaurants.

I have been dying to go there!  One Lucky Duck is a raw food shop that sells fresh squeezed juice, smoothies and takeaway meals and treats.  They also have a restaurant, Pure Food & Wine, if you want a full meal!

I decided on some crackers and cookies to take away with me.  I also got a fresh squeezed juice with carrot, apple and ginger to drink on our walk.  They make it right there!

Yum, it was delicious.

While at One Lucky Duck, I spotted this.

The Nut Box!!

They have a whole bar of loose nuts and fruits, where you can make your own trailmix.  Or, they have pre-packaged items.  Of course, we had to pick up a few treats.  We ended up with Chile Pistachio’s and Fruit Crisps!

After the market, we headed to the Farmer’s Market in Union Square and snacked on an apple while exploring.

And, then stopped into Chop’t for lunch.  Why can’t we have places like this in Boston?!

I made my own salad.  It was huge and delicious!

After walking around a lot more, we stopped for Tea at my favorite tearoom – Podunk.  I talked about it on my last NYC trip when my camera ate my photos!  It was just as great.  I sipped some Toasted Coconut Black tea as we chatted.

It was a perfect day in NYC!  Now, it’s time for the big run!