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off to the big apple

Today is the day!  We are headed down to NYC for my half marathon weekend of fun!  The plan for tomorrow is to take it easy, but to spend the entire day outside because it is going to be 70°F.  70 degrees on the first day of spring – I hope this means that we will have an awesome spring.

This morning, I started my day with some homemade coconut butter!  I toasted up 2 pieces of my Cherry, Peach toast and spread a thin layer of the coconut butter and raspberry jam.  This is easily my favorite combination.  So good.

Along with my toast, I had a white grapefruit.  It was great.

And some tea – I was so sleepy this morning!

Lunch time came around quickly today, but I was starving.  We are out of veggies in the house, so I made do with what we had.  A whole wheat mini pita slathered with spinach & artichoke hummus and a large helping of spouts.

On the side, Fage 2% greek yogurt with granola and banana.  And, a POM spritzer – 1/2 pomegranate juice, 1/2 seltzer water.  This bottle was about 1/3 full, so I just filled it up with seltzer.

The afternoon also flew by!  I didn’t even have time for an afternoon snack!  I guess that’s what happens when you take a day off in the middle of the week.  For dinner, we needed something quick since we were heading out.  So, I stopped at Chipotle!

I know, not the best food, but by far one of the best ‘fast food’ places around here.  I did hear a T.V. segment about Chipotle a few weeks ago and found out that the owner really cares about what type of food he is giving his customers!  They use organic foods and try to buy as much as they can from local farmers – I love that!  Plus, they have a decent vegetarian option, which does not happen all that often with fast food.  I wish we had a great veggie place around here!  They also have a great website with all of the nutritional information for their products, and how they cook the products (steamed, in oil, etc.).

Anyways, I got the Vegetarian Salad/Burrito Bowl.  In the bowl, I had them put romaine lettuce, a small scoop of chipotle-lime rice, fajita veggies (peppers & onions), black beans, fresh tomato salsa, corn salsa and guacamole.  They seriously have the best guac!

This was delicious!  I was in need of some colorful veggies for the day!  Check out all the guac they threw on here.

Super delicious, full of good nutrients, veggies and greens.  Just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean it is necessarily bad for you.  You just need to pick and choose the places that you go to, and pick and choose from the products they serve.

I knew that I would eventually want something sweet on our ride tonight and I could picture myself digging into the snack bag I packed for the weekend, so instead I whipped up some Banana Softserve for the road.  Same as the other night, which melty chocolate PB drizzled on top.

See you from NYC!


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  1. that is so funny you went to Chipotle. We were just thinking of going there sometime while on vacation. 🙂

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