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I hope everyone is eating (or wearing) something green today!  I started out my day on the early side to get some work done.  It feels weird not to get up and workout, but I am trying to make my body take it easy this week to gear up for the half marathon on Sunday!

So, I decided to occupy my time by making some green juice for the holiday!  I used some celery, kale, carrot and lemon that was ready for juice (ie – too overripe to eat!).

It sure came out green!  And, tasted like green lemonade.

I also had some tea and toast with coconut butter while I worked.

And, I snacked on this huge grapefruit for a mid-morning snack.  I have actually never peeled a grapefruit to eat it.  I always slice it in half.  I loved eating it like an orange.

It was so sweet and juicy – yum!

Lunch was a bit green too.  I made a great sandwich on flax oat bread with spinach & artichoke hummes, spinach, cucumbers and sprouts.

Best. Sandwich. Ever.  It was my perfect sandwich!  This bread from Great Harvest is amazing.  Enjoyed with some Salty Pepper Somersaults.

Backing up a bit – Last night, I decided to make some coconut macaroons.  I love macaroons, but have yet to find a good (healthier) recipe to make myself.  Ryan recommends a recipe, so I decided to give it a try.  Well, this one takes the cake by far!  I used the recipe straight from Raw Food Real World.

I started with Chocolate Macaroons.

I scooped the ‘dough’ with a tablespoon and placed each macaroon on my dehydrator.

Since I was firing up my dehydrator to make chocolate macaroons, I decided to make blonde macaroons as well.

I ran the dehydrator at 115°F for 10 hours and woke up to unbelievable macaroons this morning!

The house smelled amazing too!  I find that my dehydrator dehydrates a lot faster than recipes call for.  I wonder if it is getting too hot inside.  Everything comes out great!  I just have to check it more carefully.


Obviously, I sampled one of each – it had to be done.

Absolutely amazing.  I would buy a dehydrator just to make these!  I have some more treats in store for tomorrow.


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