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fitness lap of the week – change up your workouts

Fitness Lap of the Week – Change Up Your Workouts!

If you are trying to loose weight, changing up your workout routine may be just as important as working out!  This is also important to remember if you are not trying to lose weight.

Your body is extremely smart and will eventually start to count on certain workouts throughout the week.  If you are a runner and go out for a moderate paced 5-mile run each day, your body will get used to your routine and it will become easier and easier.  You will find that you stop seeing results, that you get bored or that you are just not challanged anymore.


I am a runner, and mainly run for my cardio, however I change up my runs each and every day.  I do a few easy to moderate runs each week to make sure that I am not overworking my body, but I also throw in a few days of speedwork or a hilly run.  I also make sure to cross train at least once per week (I love spinning classes!).  I find that is helps me both mentally and physically.  Check out my fitness page for a variety of treadmill workouts and tips to change things up.

If you prefer to walk or run or bike, that is great!  You can stick with your routine, however, try to walk farther and faster one day or pick a hilly route to challenge different leg muscles.  You can do the same with cycling.

Another way to change up your routine is to add weight lifting.  I have mentioned the benefits of weight lifting before, and I will say it again.  It is really important to get in a few sessions each week to keep your muscles and bones strong.  It will help you now and in the future.  Stick with one part of your body each day, or do a full body routine once a week.  If you pick different muscles to use each time, you will keep your body guessing, which is ultimately what we want to get stronger and leaner!


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  1. Changing it up is extremely important for me to keep motivated!

  2. […] I need to change things up a bit for at least the next few weeks.  I think that it is important to change up your workouts to keep yourself fresh, and to trick your body into burning more calories and getting stronger.  […]

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