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best dessert ever

It was a gorgeous day for a run today.  I got home while the sun was still up and went for a lovely 5-mile run around my neighborhood.  It was so nice to be running in the sunshine and warmish weather.  I cannot wait for spring!

It was still light out when I finished my run at 7pm!  I worked up a good sweat today – I was a little overdressed for 40 degrees.

For dinner, we whipped together a quick and easy dish, since we were both pretty hungry.  While the quinoa was cooking away, I heated up some frozen veggies.  I don’t love to use frozen veggies because fresh veggies always taste so much better, but we are lacking in the veggie department today.

While the brussels sprouts and okra were heating up, I squeezed on a little honey mustard for flavor.

We also added some spinach until slightly wilted.

Once the quinoa was cooked, I added chopped parsley, lemon zest and the juice from 1 lemon.

This ended up being a pretty tasty meal.

Even though I definitely overcooked the veggies – bummer!

We served our meal with a side of Flax Oat Bran bread – yum!

After dinner, I made my favorite dessertBanana Soft Serve!

I always have a jar of bananas in the freezer for smoothies and soft serve.  I buy more at the beginning of each week – I save some to eat fresh and some go in the freezer.

This is so easy to make.  Tonight I added a splash of vanilla and shake of cinnamon to the mix.  I threw everything into my food processor and blended until soft and creamy!

Mmmmm…I loved the addition of the cinnamon and vanilla!  I also loved the idea that I got from Kath last night!  I got out my chocolate peanut butter and heated in the microwave until melted.

Then poured my melty PB onto my whipped banana softserve.

Oh my…this is the best thing I have ever had!  Seriously – you should make this right now!

I also added a few dark chocolate chunks on top for fun.

Happy St. Patty’s Day Eve!


eat real food

It is really hard to get used to this daylight savings change in the morning, but I love it at night!

I was craving a smoothie, once again, this morning!  Today, I made the real Cherry Chocolate Bomb because I finally picked up some frozen cherries.  I did add a few other goodies as well, including 1 tbsp of chia seeds, 1 tsp of maca and 2 handfuls of spinach.

I find that having a substantial smoothie in the morning seems to help with digestion.  The essential nutrients are absorbed more quickly because your body is not spending time breaking down the food – the blender does the work for it!  Some days it keeps me full until lunch, but most days I have a small mid-morning snack, such as an apple or a few dates with 1 tbsp of peanut/almond butter.

I love the addition of both chia seeds and maca to my smoothies.  The chia seeds thicken it up, without having to use xanthan and/or guar gums to do so.  I prefer to use chia seeds due to the health benefits.  Maca adds a natural boost in energy.  I have been trying to stay away from caffeine in the mornings, so the maca is great.  Both maca and chia seeds have wonderful benefits.  You can rest assurred that you are adding healthy, natural foods to your body which will help it to thrive.

I have to say that I have yet to get sick this year (knock on wood!) nor have I been sick for the past few years despite everyone around me catching a cold or bug at some point.  I really believe that eating real foods, exercising and making it a priority to get outside everyday plays a major roll in my healthy immune system.  Obviously, those are not the only things that will prevent an illness from plaguing your immune system, but it may help.

Anyways, on to lunch!

Part 1 of lunch was leftover salad from last night’s potluck.  My salad contained a mix of romaine and spinach, granny smith apple, celery, cucumber, craisins, Sahale pomegranate cashews and pear infused white vinegar.

Along with some Vitamin C.

Part 2 was a Chobani Strawnana greek yogurt with granola.

Very filling and satisfying!  After my yogurt supply has run out, I think I need to stay away from it for awhile.  My stomach just really isn’t liking it these days.

Anyways, before leaving work I snacked on an Almond granola bar to fuel up for my afternoon run.

It looks gorgeous out – time to run! 🙂

fitness lap of the week – change up your workouts

Fitness Lap of the Week – Change Up Your Workouts!

If you are trying to loose weight, changing up your workout routine may be just as important as working out!  This is also important to remember if you are not trying to lose weight.

Your body is extremely smart and will eventually start to count on certain workouts throughout the week.  If you are a runner and go out for a moderate paced 5-mile run each day, your body will get used to your routine and it will become easier and easier.  You will find that you stop seeing results, that you get bored or that you are just not challanged anymore.


I am a runner, and mainly run for my cardio, however I change up my runs each and every day.  I do a few easy to moderate runs each week to make sure that I am not overworking my body, but I also throw in a few days of speedwork or a hilly run.  I also make sure to cross train at least once per week (I love spinning classes!).  I find that is helps me both mentally and physically.  Check out my fitness page for a variety of treadmill workouts and tips to change things up.

If you prefer to walk or run or bike, that is great!  You can stick with your routine, however, try to walk farther and faster one day or pick a hilly route to challenge different leg muscles.  You can do the same with cycling.

Another way to change up your routine is to add weight lifting.  I have mentioned the benefits of weight lifting before, and I will say it again.  It is really important to get in a few sessions each week to keep your muscles and bones strong.  It will help you now and in the future.  Stick with one part of your body each day, or do a full body routine once a week.  If you pick different muscles to use each time, you will keep your body guessing, which is ultimately what we want to get stronger and leaner!