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cherries & chocolate

I made the best smoothie for breakfast this morning!  I was looking around at other blogs to be inspired, since I was getting sick of my smoothie combinations and I came across Kristen’s Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake!  It is all over other food blogs out there, so I knew I needed to try it pronto.

Below is Kristen’s recipe, with the few additions that I made.

Cherry Chocolate Bomb Shake
Recipe by Kristen Suzanne of KristensRaw.com
Yield 3 cups

1 cup filtered water
1 frozen banana, chopped
1 cup frozen cherries (I used 1/2 frozen berry mix, 1/2 frozen strawberries – it was what I had!)
1/4 cup hemp protein powder
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
2 tablespoons raw chocolate powder
splash vanilla extract (I used a few drops vanilla stevia)

added: 1 tbsp cacao nibs, 2 handfuls spinach!

I didn’t have a cup big enough to hold this smoothie, so I used two!

But, obviously, I drank both cups myself.  This smoothie was SO good!  It was the best I have had in awhile.  It tasted like chocolate covered strawberries and I could not taste the spinach at all.  If you haven’t tried this already, you need to try it!

I also had a slice of millet toast with earth balance, flaxseed meal and cinnamon.

When lunchtime rolled around, all I wanted was another Cherry Chocolate Bomb!  But, luckily, I had packed a nutritious lunch to get rid of my cravings.

Whole wheat pita filled with 1 laughing cow wedge, cucumbers and romaine.

Pineapple Chobani with homemade granola.

This was a delicious lunch (I love this Chobani!), but I still wanted some more Chocolate Covered Cherries, so I headed out to Barnes & Nobles for a new beverage that I heard was debuting today at Starbucks – the Dark Cherry Mocha!

Well, I was disappointed!  Compared to my awesome smoothie this morning, this drink tasted really artificial.  I was bummed.  Plus, I have not been drinking coffee, so this instantly hurt my stomach.  I drank about half, which satisfied my craving for the time being.  Next time, I’ll stick with tea!

A few hours later, it was snacktime!  Guess what I had?!

Cherry Semolina crackers from Dr. Krackers and Sabra hummus.

I also had an unpictured apple because I was feeling like I needed more fruit.

I never realized how much I love cherries and chocolate!

Off for a run, then a simple dinner!


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  1. Have you tried Roasted Red Pepper Hummus? I LOVE it!

    • yes!!! that is my absolute favorite kind! I have just been feeling like I needed to change it up the past few weeks. 🙂

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