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ants on a log

This morning I was tired and did not make it to the gym.  I guess going to bed a little later really takes its toll.  My tummy also was not feeling great this morning either(the last 2 days haven’t been great), so I wanted the rest and something light for breakfast.

I decided on a slice of millet toast with cacao bliss and raspberry jam and a new yogurt.

I really love this combo on my toast.  It might not be the best for breakfast, but it would be perfect for a dessert or post workout snack.

The yogurt was delicious!  It is Chobani Champions Honeynana from their kids line of greek yogurt. 

They come in 4 packs and each yogurt contains 4 ounces, perfect for a little treat.  The yogurt was sweeter than I expected, but I still really liked the flavor.  The honeynana comes with chocolate (which I am dying to try!).  They also have mixed berry and straw-bana.

I feel like I ate multiple mini-meals (aka snacks) all afternoon instead of eating one substantial meal.  Around 11:00, I started with a yogurt, cereal and banana.

Chobani Raspberry, Uncle Sam Cereal, Banana

All mixed up.  I could eat this combination everyday.

Then, around 12:30, I felt hungry again, but not for anything healthy.  My tummy was still a little off.  I wanted carbs.  I wanted a cookie!  So, I trekked down to Barnes and Nobles and participated in Tina’s Cookie Friday.  Normally, I stay away from all unhealthy treats during the day because I know that I will inevitable crave something sweet after dinner, but today’s I just couldn’t wait.

So, I had some of this.

A pumpkin chocolate chip muffin!  I only ate the top, and it hit the spot.

But, that’s not it.  Around 2:30, I craved something healthy (does this happen to anyone after eating an unhealthy treat??).  Luckily, I brought some celery (for green!), peanut butter and raisins for a snack.

And, I made my favorite healthy snack as a kid (although, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know the difference between junk food and health food back then) – ants on a log!!

Phew!  I finally feel full and satisfied.

This is why good, healthy, satisfying meals are a great thing to eat.  But, I just wasn’t feeling it today!