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brownie sundaes

It was another beautiful day to ski.  It snowed overnight, so the trees were beautiful this morning!

Before we ventured out on the slopes, I munched on an egg and cheddar cheese sandwich on an english muffin.

Along with some ginger peach tea.

And, a perfectly ripe banana.

After a morning of skiing, I had a little snack before meeting some friends to watch the USA-Canada hockey game (which didn’t go so well for the US! :().

Yogurt with granola.

And, some cantaloupe.

Then, it was off to Not Your Average Joe’s!


I decided not to take any photos tonight because sometimes it just ruins the mood, but we got perfect seats in the bar smack in front of a big screen TV for the big game!  It was fun, even though the game did not end well.

I chose the house-made veggie burger for my meal.  It contained brown rice, black beans and caramelized onions, hand-formed and topped with vermont cheddar, on a seeded brioche roll. A little messy, but delicious!  I may have snacked on a few french fries too.

Once home, I decided to try these VitaBrownies.

They only contain 100 calories and 2 grams of fat – and you can tell!  They are tiny brownies that don’t taste all that great.  I expected them to be fudgier and more chocolatey, but they really don’t.  They have a bit of a bland taste.  The good thing was the chunks of walnuts!

They definitely were not awful, just did not taste like I had expected.  I much prefer the Vitatops!  But, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce makes everything better!

Time for a lazy Sunday night so that I can get up on Monday morning for a 10 mile run!  I ran out of time to fit it in today, but need to get it done since my half marathon is just 3 short weeks away!



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