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leftover monday

I hope you all enjoyed my healthy tip of the week this morning!  I actually love writing up these tips because it makes me think about them as well.  For example, I need to remember to stretch after my workouts!!  I seem to have good weeks and bad weeks with stretching – sometimes I do a lot of yoga and stretch after every run, other weeks I don’t stretch at all!!  So, my healthy tips are good for me too. 🙂

Remember when I posted a healthy tip about eating protein within 30-60 minutes after exercise?  Well, check out this article on recovery and some post-workout meal ideas – Post-Workout Meals!

It was tough to get up this morning!  Monday’s seem to do that to me.  As much as I plan a workout for a Monday morning, it never works out.  Which is why I always use Monday as a rest or cross train day, then I never feel guilty about sleeping in.

Anyways, on to breakfast!  I heated up the 2 leftover poppyseed pancakes from Saturday morning.

I could not let these guys go to waste because they were so good and packed with oatmeal and other good carbs.  I topped my pancakes with a spread of peanut butter, 1/2 sliced banana and a drizzle of pure maple syrup.

It was just what I wanted this morning – perfect way to start a Monday!

Lunch was more leftovers!  Two Cannellini Patties on a bed of greens with yellow cherry tomatoes.  The patties were great served cold on top of a salad.  And, the yellow cherry tomatoes were so sweet!  I cannot decide which way I like them better, but I do know that I love these patties even though they are a little messy to work with…

I finished lunch with a Chobani Raspberry Greek Yogurt topped with homemade granola.  This is a new chobani flavor!  I haven’t seen it in any stores around here yet, but I love the flavor.  Thank you, Shari for sending me a few samples!  As I have said before, I prefer plain greek yogurt and the addition of my own toppings, but if you like flavored yogurts or need a sweet treat in a pinch, buy this flavor!!  So good!  The thing that I love about flavored greek yogurt over other yogurt is that they are not too sweet.  I love Fage and Oikos too (really, I love them all).

I snacked on a Jazz apple and a granola bar this afternoon to hold me over until my dinner date with Kate!

Kate and I made a delicious dinner!  We whipped up my favorite Wild Rice Waldorf Salad (see the recipe here).

Luckily, Kate loved it to!  I love girl’s night – a delicious meal, wine and chatting -what could be better?!


lap of the week – plan your workouts

Fitness Lap of the Week – Plan Your Workouts in Advance!


It is so easy to get off track and unmotivated to workout at this time of year.  It is still cold and dark out when we wake up, and cold and dark when we leave work.  We are ready for the sun and for spring weather!

I normally work out in the morning, but recently I have been finding it really hard to get up to my alarm at 5am when it is so dark and cold out!  My warm bed is much more appealing. 🙂

I find that planning out my workouts for the week is a tremendous motivator.  I usually plan them out a month at a time, but leave myself rest days and the ability to switch days around if needed.  By planning out my workouts in advance, when my alarm goes off in the morning, I am more likely to get out of bed in order to check off that workout!  I hate looking back at the end of the week and looking at all of the workouts that I “missed” (and my husband hates hearing about it)!

For my monthy schedule, I usually stick to the basics and then each week I re-evaluate my schedule and plan in more detail.

Monthy Schedule

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Rest/cross 8×800 5m run + weights 1hr spinning 6m tempo + weights 4-5m pace 8m run
Rest/cross 4×1600 5m run + weights 1hr spinning 6m tempo + weights 5-6m run 12m run
Rest/cross 6×3 sets 400s 5m run + weights 1hr spinning 6m tempo + weights 5-6m pace 12m run
Rest/cross 6×400 5m run + weights 1hr spinning 3m easy run rest Half Marathon!

Weekly Schedule in more detail

M – Rest or cross train

T – Speedwork: 8×800’s with warmup & cooldown

W – 5m easy run / full body weights

Th – 1 hr spinning class (sometimes this ends up being a rest day if my body needs it!)

F – 6m tempo run / upper body weights

S – 4 mile pace run

S – 9 mile run

Now, this schedule might look quite daunting to some, but I am training for a half marathon that is in 4 weeks, so I need to keep my mileage up!  In a normal week when I am not training for anything, I try to plan 60 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and 2-3 days of weights.  I feel better when I workout!  It helps combat some stress and anxiety and frustration, and boosts your endorfins!

After making up these plans for so long now (because it really works for me!), I have a sense of which days I want to do certain workouts.  Since I do my long runs on Sundays, I like Monday to be a rest or yoga day.  By Tuesday my body is well rested, so I plan speedwork.  Wednesday I need more rest after the speedwork, etc.  Some weeks I switch things up, but I follow the same basic routine.  The biggest thing that I have learned is that as much as your body needs a workout, it also needs REST!  Rest is just as important, if not more important, than your workouts in order for your muscle to come back stronger and leaner!  My weeks normally look like this:

M – rest after long run, or some light cardo (yoga or walk)

T – speedwork!

W – easy day

Th – tempo run or spinning

F – tempo run or spinning (sometimes a rest day if needed)

S – pace run (or skiing in the winter or cycling in the summer)


I really think that planning out your workouts for the week will motivate you more!  If you want to get stronger then you should make a weight routine the most important on some days with light cardio.  If weights are not your thing, then focus more on cardio with light weights.  It is all up to your personal preference of how you workout, but trust me, creating a schedule for yourself will motivate you and get you in shape for the summer months!

If you need help creating a schedule, let me know! 🙂