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healthy lap of the week – snacks!

I decided to split up my healthy and fitness tips.  This week, I am giving you my favorite healthy tip!  I love snacks. 🙂

Healthy Lap of the Week – Always Carry a Snack!


This is something that is so important when you are on the run!  By packing your own snack, you know that you will have something healthy to munch on when you get hungry.  I always have some kind of snack with me, and I usually have multiple snacks shoved into my purse, my car and my desk at work!  I also always pack a small bag of snacks when I go on vacation or away for the weekend.  To me, it makes the most sense because It keeps me from spending money on unhealthy snacks at a convenience store while on the go.  When going away, I usually pack multiple larabars, peanut butter squeeze packs, instant oatmeal packets, homemade trail mix, emergen-c and teabags.

Try to keep some type of granola bar in your purse, or a small bag of trail mix in your car for times when you are in need of a healthy snack.  I find that when I am skiing, I also bring a bar with my in my jacket.  When I go into the lodge to warm up, there usually are not any healthy options.  And, if there are, they are very overpriced!  This weekend I noticed that they did have a basket of fruit and some granola bars, however a banana was $1.00!  I can buy those at the supermarket for $0.19 each!

Make sure that your snack contains protein and fat to keep you full and satisfied for longer.  This will keep you from wanting to purchase something unhealthy from the lodge or vending machine!

Here are some more healthy snack ideas to keep with you:


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  1. I completely agree with bringing snacks. With the kids you should see all the places we keep snacks; stoller, car, coats, diaper bag, and the list goes on 🙂

  2. […] time to bake Posted on February 24, 2010 by Jen I found an article this afternoon on CookingLight.com that gives 8 ideas for healthy office snacks!  I wanted to share it with you for more snack ideas since I recently did a tip of the week post on snacking. […]

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