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crazy day

Wow!  It has been a crazy day!

Breakfast was delicious.  I tried some new Food for Life bread toasted with 1/2 nut butter and 1/2 jam while I was running out of the house this morning to catch the T.

It was a Raisin Pecan bread.  Not my favorite, but definitely not bad.  It is gluten free, so is a bit denser and I could not taste raisins or pecans, but maybe it was due to my toppings?  I’ll give it another shot sometime. 🙂  I like their ezekiel and millet breads much better.

The toppings on my toast were the best part!  1/2 was my homemade Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan Hazelnut Butter.

The other half was awesome!  I spread a thin layer of Artisana Coconut Butter and topped it with Raspberry Jam (Crofter’s Asia Superfruit Spread)!  A delicious combination!

How good does that look?!  It’s basically dessert, but next time I will try it on my favorite Millet toast!

I grabbed some tea while running out the door as well – Tea Gschwendner’s Oriental Moon.  It’s great.  I love the faint taste and smell of anise.

My T ride to work was pretty painless.  I loved being able to read my book and not worry about traffic.

It was such a crazy day, that I didn’t get to snap pictures of lunch.  I just scarfed it down!  That is one reason why I always bring lunch and snacks with me.  Sometimes when you get to busy, it is easy to skip a meal.  But, then you are starving by your next meal time and normally end up eating way to much!  I always have some type of snack with me, just in case!!  Plus, by bringing my own healthy snacks, it keeps me away from the vending machine during those 3pm snack cravings.

I went for a quick 45 minute / 5 mile run tonight while my hubby cooked us dinner!

After my run, I chugged some Emergen-C to keep that cold away!

Emergen-C is great, especially the Cranberry Pomegranate.  Lots of vitamin C and B vitamins to give your immune system a boost.  Perfect when you feel a cold coming on, or after a late night out. 🙂

Then it was dinner time!  The menu for the night was Double Broccoli Quinoa.  We just happened to have a huge bag of broccoli in our fridge to use up and we love this simple and delicious recipe.

Broccoli pesto.

With pasta tonight, since the grain supply is low…

With some wine.

I was still hungry after this pasta.  Me and pasta don’t always work because I rarely feel full!  So, I made dessert a little more nutritious – Chocolate Greek Yogurt topped with a Super Charge Me cookie.  YUM!

Love this yogurt!  I cannot wait to try the caramel flavor (Whole Foods has a $1 off coupon for Oikos in their Whole Deal Flyer until March 31st)!  I will be stocking up.  They are the perfect dessert size – 110 calories, 10 grams of protein, 17 grams of carbs and 16 grams of sugar.  Not bad for dessert or a post workout snack!


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  1. what a great way to get more veggies in with broccoli pesto!

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